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The Sleepless Night

It was around the time of Halloween, we kept getting strange visitors at the door. They came as bats, mummies, vampires but always with fangs. I was very scared of them and gave them a good barking at, before licking them and wagging my tail.

It was a bit of an eerie night and when I went to bed. Red Toes forgot to close one of the kitchen blinds, light beamed across the kitchen flooding it with shadows.

I closed my eyes as tight as I possibly could but I couldn’t sleep. I turned myself around and around and then around again to avoid the light but it still pierced through my eyelids.

Up I got to look at the light thinking “boy the moon is bright tonight.” When I realised that the moon was not the problem. Red Toes had fixed the lights in the porch. First one lamp was not working, then they both didn’t work. Now I had both lamps beaming fully across my bed through the open blind.

“How will I sleep?” I said to myself. Angry with Red Toes for leaving me in this predicament I pounced on my bed and it moved slightly across the floor. “Aah that’s it I said.

I pulled and tugged at the bed until it moved across the floor. “That’s better, now for a good nights sleep.” I curled myself up into a ball. I closed my eyes tightly and tried to relax.  I turned myself around and around and then around again to avoid the light but it still pierced through my eyelids. It was no use! The light was still beaming across my bed.

I pounced and pulled and tugged at my bed until it was as far away from the light as possible. I curled myself up into a ball. I put my paws over my eyes and tried to relax.  I turned myself around and around and then around again to avoid the light but it really was no use.

I started to pace the floor hoping that Red Toes would hear that I was awake. Should I bark? I thought. Then she will definitely come and get me. Perhaps I can get to sleep on the giant bed instead?  I did a little growl to test the water…nothing.  I think I’m on my own on this one.

I looked at my bed then it struck me. If I put the cushion over my head it just might shield me from the light. I used my teeth to pull out the cushion, one, two, three and it was out.

Now how do I get this over my head? I crawled as low as I could to the ground and tried to burrow my nose under the cushion. All that happened was I shoved the cushion towards the bed.

Next I tried to flip the pillow in the air by sliding my paws underneath it and one, two three lift, then shoved my head under a quickly as possible. It worked but it was not quite good enough.

Let’s go again I thought. One, two, Three. I lifted the cushion as high as possible, while burrowing and crawling forward as fast as I could. I couldn’t believe it, it had worked, I actually had the cushion fully over my head.

Worried that the cushion would fall I slowed walked towards my bed and lowered my tired and weary body to the ground. I closed my eyes and started to relax.

Next thing I know Red Toes said “Morning my Benji, what you doing over there?” If only, I could tell her!





The Aunties

This summer has been really amazing. I have met so many people across the UK, I thought I would give a big shout to all my new aunties that helped me have adventures over the last 6 months.

Aunt Julie – who lives next door. She feeds me on a Wednesday when Red Toes is at work. I get to play with Dora the Rabbit, Bailey and the slow shell when I visit their house. She feeds me lots of treats.

Aunt Diana – who lives next door too. She feeds me on a Thursday when Red Toes is at work. I get to go on long walks with Diana. I always have a good sleep on a Thursday as I am exhausted.

Aunt Judy – who lives across the street. She makes clothes out of wool. I get to chew the wool before it gets made into a jumper, so everyone has a bit of Benji with them.

Aunt Lucy – she keeps me looking fabulous by giving me a hair cut every couple of weeks. Without Lucy I would not be able to see.

Aunt Rachel – I went on holiday to stay with Aunt Rachel and Red Toes. I had so much fun chasing Max and Shelby.  One day Shelby walked beside me to protect me from Max as he was trying to jump on me when I was doing my morning “business”. Then he started to shout at me so Shelby picked me up by the neck and moved me out of the way. I love Shelby.  I also met a small human called Benjamin, he has the same name as me but not quite. Perhaps he is named after me?

Benjamin took me on my very first train ride. I was a bit scared as Red Toes wasn’t there to help me. Luckily I managed to get a seat all of my own.


Aunt Leigh – She took me to the pub with Red Toes and Aunt Rachel. At first I didn’t understand Aunt Leigh, she has a strange accent. She lives all the way in Australia. She give me lots of cuddles and every time I wagged my tail she gave me another treat. As you can imagine I wagged my tail a lot. She looked after me when Red Toes was at work. She helped us get onto the train and navigate through all those people.

Aunt Debbie – She lives very far, it took us ages to get there.

benji-finleyThis was my longest trip in the car. I met Finley who was a bit grumpy that my bed was next to his. I tried to get up the stairs to Red Toes but she built a barrier of cushions so I couldn’t climb any higher.

When Red Toes and Aunt Debbie went zipping I stayed with Uncle Pip.

He took me on the longest walk ever..I chased and chased Finley and Jake….I was really exhausted. I slept all the way home.

Of course I must not forget Grandma who chases me round the table and walks me every time I visit.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone?  Thank you to all my Aunties for helping me have an amazing first summer full of fun, cuddles and lots of treats.

I truly am a very lucky boy!

Where’s your Red Toes?

I always know when it is a Sunday. We go for a really long walk over the fields and I get to get absolutely filthy and splash around in the stream. Boy I love Sundays.

This Sunday was very unusual. Red Toes and I took a different route. We walked all the way past the Vets right to the edge of town. Right beside the petrol station – that’s how far. Just as we couldn’t go any further we found a a gap in the wall with a kissing gate.

Once inside it was a big forest. Red Toes took my lead off so I could explore. There I was head down sniffing in the under growth when I smelt something in the air. Another dog. He was sat there just looking at me with his head cocked and a puzzled expression.

“Hello, what’s your name?” I said.

Not the actual puppy – too clean

“It’s Harry, what are you doing in my forest?” he said.

“My Red Toes has brought me here to explore” I said. “Can I play chase with you?”

We chased and chased all the time following Red Toes along the edge of the field. Harry and I had a great game. We are the same age. When we got to the edge of the field Red Toes said “go home puppy you cannot come with us!”


Still Harry followed us so I asked him “Where is your Red Toes?”

“What is a Red Toes?” Harry asked.

I had to take a minute to think how to explain as it was a difficult question to answer. “Red Toes is my human, she looks after me and gives me food, treats and lots of cuddles, if I didn’t have my Red Toes I would not be a happy puppy.”

Harry looked quite sad “Oh that sounds lovely, I which I had a Red Toes.”

Red Toes now has a bit of a frown on her face, she walks back across the field to a wooden house in the woods. “Go home puppy you cannot come with us!”

There was no one in at the wooden house. So we turned around and went right back across the field. Still Harry followed us. When we came across a track by a cottage Red Toes told Harry “Go home puppy you cannot come with us!”

As we went up into the next field still Harry followed us. What happened next was unbelievable Red Toes is trying to give my treats to Harry! I wagged my tail at Red Toes and got a treat “Okay now you can give one to Harry” I said.

Harry would not take a treat from Red Toes. “I think I like your Red Toes” he said. “Do you think she will keep me?”

Now Red Toes is actually asking Harry to follow us. I walked closer to Red Toes what if Red Toes likes Harry more than me? Will she swap me for Harry? Will Harry come and stay at my house? We only have 1 big boy bed!

We finally arrive at the vets. I am worried. “I will be a good boy. I will play nicely. I will cross the road correctly. I will never eat poo again!” I tell her.

Red Toes asks the vet to take Harry to see if they can locate his owner. I told Harry as the vet took him in “Good Luck. I hope you get a new Red Toes, but this is my Red Toes and she is all mine.”




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