"Plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will, it is always interesting.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


New Life

Got it cracked!

Last week I was sent away with my naughtiness of chewing carpets, shoes and other household goods and of course making Red Toes very tired with my night time antics.

On the trip to Grandpa’s he stopped at the dog shop. Grandpa got me some special treats. They came out of a crinkly packet and were white not like normal doggy treats. I had one with my lunch and one later at night.  ‘To be honest they didn’t taste great but hey ho its food.’

After having one of my special treats strange things started to happen. My legs found it difficult to walk in a straightline, my eyelids  became so heavy and I started to yawn. I slept and slept. I slept so much Grandpa had to wake me up in the morning.

I had a wonderful holiday,  walking with Grandma leaving little Benji smells for the dogs of Eydon. I waved my tail at everyone I met “Hello, I’m Benji pleased to meet you.”

I wanted to make sure that I got back to Red Toes and my own house as soon as possible, so I was the best behaved puppy you would ever love to meet.

Two great nights sleep and I was feeling totally calm, relaxed and refreshed, finally Red Toes came. “Hello, I love you, I miss you” I said as I licked all over her face. “Please let me come home” I said. She packed my bag and bed into the car and home we went.

I ran round house checking it for smells, it smelled like…”home.”

The first night I slept like an angel, Red Toes was so happy with me, little did she know that I had finally cracked it. Everything had come together after weeks of practice.

The following night at bed time Red Toes left the kitchen door ajar. I fell asleep myself as I waited for Red Toes to sleep.

When I woke it was very dark, so I moved very quiety to the edge of the kitchen, I ran, then I jumped at the handle and I couldn’t believe it, the door swung open first time. I was free at last. I ran round the living room with Dog in my mouth so we could have a proper adventure. I chased a bit of foil that I found. Then I chewed on a stick. I wandered behind the curtains to see who was in the street, it was empty.

“This is not too much of an adventure Dog, what shall we do?”

“I know lets get Red Toes” I said.

I crept quietly down the stairs towards the bedrooms. Yippee Red Toes’ door was open enough for me to wiggle through. I jumped quietly onto the box that holds jumpers and waited.

Red Toes moved around in a circle to face the other direction. The room was very quiet.  I balanced carefully on the box my paw hovering over the gap. If I land too heavily I will wake Red Toes. I had to get the landing perfect. I waited a minute, I stretched and gently landed on the giant bed.

I curled up in ball on the edge of the bed and slept for a while, when I realised in all the excitement I was finding it difficult to hold it in. I needed to do ‘my business’ there was nothing for it but to wake Red Toes.

“Surprise Red Toes” I said, as I jumped on her chest. “Its me Benji” I wagged.

“How on earth did you get here Benji?” She said

If only puppies could talk, I could tell you all about it.



The Home for Naughty Dogs

It has all gone wrong! I have been sent away to the home for naughty dogs, namely Grandpa’s for some “discipline“.  I am not sure how long I have to stay?

‘I didn’t mean it.’ I whimpered as I got in the back of the car.

I think I told you last week that I spent a lot of time driving Red Toes crazy. Over the last week I have continued my quest to get her attention 100% of the time and that it is all about what Benji wants.

It all started with a pair of boots 2 weeks ago. Red Toes has started to decorate the spare room, this means we are in a bit of disarray and things are not quite in the place that they should be.

While Red Toes was in the bath, I found a pair of boots, they had a lovey black covering on the heel. I discovered that if I used my teeth I could tear at the material. It was such a fun game, I managed to get all the material off the boots ‘Success’ I thought and stood back smiling at my handiwork. Red Toes was not smiling at me when she got out of the bath, I got sent to my bed in the kitchen.

The following day, while Red Toes was busy working at the computer I found a smell that was very interesting in the carpet. It smelt like chicken. It was so delicious I decided to use my teeth to lift a piece of the carpet. Before I knew it I was right through to the back of the carpet, so I adjusted my position and ate some more. Red Toes was not smiling at me when she saw what I was doing, I got sent to my bed in the kitchen.

I also managed to chew in the last week

  • A Roller for painting the walls
  • A Curtain Ring
  • A Paint brush
  • A glass case
  • A bow off a bra (even through this was up high, my jumping is getting very good)
  • I created a hole in some underwear (jumping skills again)
  • A second hole in the carpet

Of course I have a lot of toys but they are just not as much fun when it comes to chewing.

Yesterday, we had a lovely day playing together until Red Toes jumped on the computer to quickly catch up with some emails. During this short time I found a glorious, sleek grey pointed kitten heel shoe. It was brand, spanking new, barely worn. Red Toes screamed when she saw what I had done, I raced up the stairs to my bed in the kitchen without being prompted. I knew this is where I belonged.

Red Toes was so upset, I could hear her crying. I felt so bad, I didn’t know what to do. When she came in to make a cup of tea, I slowly approached and wagged my tail hard and gave my best smile ‘I’m sorry Red Toes’I said. This only made her cry even more.

Finally she picked me up and gave me a cuddle.

I think I would have probably have got away with chewing the shoe, if I hadn’t thrown a tantrum in the middle of the night for 2 hours. I think that this was the last straw!

‘I am sorry Red Toes, please take me back!’



Where’s your Red Toes?

I always know when it is a Sunday. We go for a really long walk over the fields and I get to get absolutely filthy and splash around in the stream. Boy I love Sundays.

This Sunday was very unusual. Red Toes and I took a different route. We walked all the way past the Vets right to the edge of town. Right beside the petrol station – that’s how far. Just as we couldn’t go any further we found a a gap in the wall with a kissing gate.

Once inside it was a big forest. Red Toes took my lead off so I could explore. There I was head down sniffing in the under growth when I smelt something in the air. Another dog. He was sat there just looking at me with his head cocked and a puzzled expression.

“Hello, what’s your name?” I said.

Not the actual puppy – too clean

“It’s Harry, what are you doing in my forest?” he said.

“My Red Toes has brought me here to explore” I said. “Can I play chase with you?”

We chased and chased all the time following Red Toes along the edge of the field. Harry and I had a great game. We are the same age. When we got to the edge of the field Red Toes said “go home puppy you cannot come with us!”


Still Harry followed us so I asked him “Where is your Red Toes?”

“What is a Red Toes?” Harry asked.

I had to take a minute to think how to explain as it was a difficult question to answer. “Red Toes is my human, she looks after me and gives me food, treats and lots of cuddles, if I didn’t have my Red Toes I would not be a happy puppy.”

Harry looked quite sad “Oh that sounds lovely, I which I had a Red Toes.”

Red Toes now has a bit of a frown on her face, she walks back across the field to a wooden house in the woods. “Go home puppy you cannot come with us!”

There was no one in at the wooden house. So we turned around and went right back across the field. Still Harry followed us. When we came across a track by a cottage Red Toes told Harry “Go home puppy you cannot come with us!”

As we went up into the next field still Harry followed us. What happened next was unbelievable Red Toes is trying to give my treats to Harry! I wagged my tail at Red Toes and got a treat “Okay now you can give one to Harry” I said.

Harry would not take a treat from Red Toes. “I think I like your Red Toes” he said. “Do you think she will keep me?”

Now Red Toes is actually asking Harry to follow us. I walked closer to Red Toes what if Red Toes likes Harry more than me? Will she swap me for Harry? Will Harry come and stay at my house? We only have 1 big boy bed!

We finally arrive at the vets. I am worried. “I will be a good boy. I will play nicely. I will cross the road correctly. I will never eat poo again!” I tell her.

Red Toes asks the vet to take Harry to see if they can locate his owner. I told Harry as the vet took him in “Good Luck. I hope you get a new Red Toes, but this is my Red Toes and she is all mine.”




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