"Plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will, it is always interesting.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe



The Hunger Strike

I have been on hunger strike, well not really on strike from eating food as that would be just ridiculous. I have been on strike from eating from my bowl. It seemed like the sensible thing to do under the circumstances. My new mantra is “I will eat any food in any bowl except from my bowl.”

It all started about 2 months ago, I found a small round white tablet in my food. I was a little bit suspicious but I decided to eat it anyway. Well I can tell you that my tummy was going round and round making all sorts of noises. So I decided that I would refuse to eat from that bowl again.

Red Toes was trying to encourage me in all sorts of ways “Come on Benji, eat your breakfast. Come on Benji eat your dinner.”  No, not interested” I would say.

She would waft the dish in front of my nose, or move my bowl around to different places in the kitchen. “No, not interested” I would say and turn my head away.

Once she even brought some food to me on the porch while I was sunbathing.  Eventually she decided to ration me to biscuits only in a small bowl to encourage me to eat. Which I always did, when I was ready and provided that it wasn’t my bowl.

IMG_1476 (2)

Then one day she placed some tuna in my bowl and boy it was all forgotten. I lapped up that tuna in its juices, the next day I had biscuits in my bowl, then meat and the whole incident was over.


That was until I caught Red Toes trying to poison me again 2 weeks ago. I was eating my meaty breakfast and there it was. A small round tablet, I picked it up and placed it at the side of the bowl “Boy that was a close shave” I said as I walked away in disgust.

During my next meal I was a bit concerned so I slowly walked up to the bowl of biscuits and use my tongue to careful lift some biscuits from the bowl. There it was again, a small round tablet. “You must think I’m stupid” I woofed at Red Toes. I lifted up the tablet and left it beside the bowl and walked away.

“That is it Red Toes, I am not eating any more tablets from the bowl. I will tell Grandma that you are trying to poison me!” I was so angry and hungry as I had refused to eat both breakfast and dinner. Now my tummy was rumbling.

So when Red Toes offered me some ham, I nearly took her fingers off in gratitude. “Hold on a minute, this ham is crunchy” I said. “What is that? Oh, no I think I have eaten the tablet again.

I am keeping a close eye on Red Toes and am not eating from the bowl until I decide that it is safe.





The Haircut

I am starting to getting upset with Red Toes. She is putting me on a towel every day and brushing my hair. “I don’t like it” I makes me very upset.

Apparently Red Toes got told off by Lucie as my hair has little knots in it. “I like my little knots.”

Sometimes Red Toes brushes very lightly on my hair and this is just fine. Then she pushes the brush a bit harder to get the knots. It hurts me when Red Toes tries to get the knots out so I would rather just keep them.

One day this week Grandma came over. “Hello Grandma” I wag. I am very happy to see my Grandma she is always very nice to me. After we had a cup of tea and a chat Red Toes swept me up in her arms and placed me on the towel.

“Oh no, not this again” I say. I couldn’t believe Grandma is holding me down while Red Toes is pulling the brush through my hair. “Ow, Ow, Ow” I say. I turn round and round in circles so Grandma can’t hold me.

“Let’s stop for a minute” Red Toes say.

“Yes, let’s stop” I say. Thankful for the treats that Red Toes is placing on the towel.

Before I knew it, Red Toes was holding me and Grandma was pulling and pulling with the brush.”Ow hurts, Ow, Ow Hurts lots” I say. Flicking my legs in the air. There is no way that I am going to let them brush my legs or near my backside.

“Ha, now you have to give up brushing me” I say.

The following day, Red Toes takes me in the car. I don’t go in the car very often, so I am trying to guess if we are going puppy training, to the pet shop or on holiday. “No it can’t be a holiday I don’t have my bed” I think.

We don’t go very far which is a bit of a worry, perhaps its the vet?  As soon as the car door opens I know immediately where we are, I am here to see Lucie the dog groomer.

“Oh no, more brushing” now I am not very happy.

Lucie and Red Toes talk for a long time. “He won’t let me brush him” she says. “He is getting very upset when I try to brush the knots out.”

“Okay we are going to have to keep it short” Lucie says.

“Yes, lets keep the session short, just a wash and blow dry, no brushing thank you!” I agree.

As Lucie put me on her brushing and cutting table I was shaking a bit. “Please no brush” I whimper.

“No brush Benji just the clippers” she says. When she is finished she says all done.

“Oh my god, where is all my hair gone?” “It’s freezing cold without any hair, do you have a jumper?” I say.


Red Toes didn’t even recognise me when she came to get me. I do miss my hair especially in this cold weather.

Perhaps I had better get used to the brush for the future!


Another new Fad?

Before Christmas Red Toes decided to complete 100 days of no bread in an effort to lose some pounds. She definitely achieved her target of no bread. That said and I can’t speak for Red Toes but I am sure that I put on extra pounds on account of over eating cake and biscuits. I am glad that Fad is over.

Red Toes now has a watch that tracks her every move. So every hour on the hour she gets up from the computer and walks up the stairs, round the living room, round the kitchen, round the living room and back down the stairs. She squeal with delight when her tracker buzzes on her wrist.

I on the other hand am left wondering what an earth this new fad is all about and how it is going to impact me?

The good news is that she has been taking me out on really long walks. I am meeting so many new friends in the big field at the bottom of the hill.  This morning we went down the hill and I met Poppy a 2 year old Lab. I chased and chased in big circles. Eventually I wore her down and caught her. I was very happy with myself.

I showed Red Toes a new route that I found with Grandpa, so we went up the field with lots of tufty grass so I could jump and jump through the hills of grass. So much fun. I love crispy grass now it is so much nicer than wet grass.

The bad news and to be honest all these long walks are wearing me out. I am thoroughly exhausted and have to take big naps in the afternoon. If only Red Toes would let me!

I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard the watch buzz this afternoon. Keep your eyes closed I told myself, don’t move, perhaps she will forget that you are here.

No it was too late. ‘Come on Benji the watch says we need to go on a walk.’ she tells me.

‘No Red Toe’s you go on your own, I’m too tired go on another walk.’ I wimper.

‘The watch says you have to walk, not me’ I puffed.

Before I knew it, I had my harness on and we are at the front door ready to go out into the cold again. I am not sure how long this fad is going to be for but I am not sure I like everything about it.

Red Toes has now started talking about New Years Resolutions. Instead of 100 days of no bread she is announced yesterday 100 days of no biscuits, sweets and cake.

‘How about that Benji? 100 Days of no biscuits.’ she said.

‘Does that mean no biscuits to dip in our tea?’ I quizzed.

‘Yes correct, no biscuits at break time.’

‘Does that apply to Digestives?’

‘Does that apply to Ginger Nuts?’

‘They are both biscuits, so no Digestives or Ginger Nuts’ she said.

‘But I love Ginger Nuts’ I said as I walked off in a huff to my mat. ‘I don’t want to give them up.’

‘It sounds like a really bad idea to me.’ I barked.

I don’t like the sound of this at all. So if you see me walking down the street, please bring me a Ginger Nut as Red Toes is having another funny fad.



Crispy Grass

What is this?

I ran back indoors “There is something wrong with the grass” I told Red Toes. Please come and see.

“It is cold and crispy” I said.

“How can I do my business on crispy grass?”

I grabbed Red Toes trouser leg and pulled her towards the door. “It’s too cold for me Benji, go do your business on your own” she said.

I looked at her, really not sure about this. “Can I do it on crispy grass, is it okay?”

“Go on young man, off you go” she said.

I tip toed across the decking and peered my head around the corner. Everything was white. I gently placed my paw down on the grass. “Brrgh, this is really very cold” I said. “Let’s be brave then” I said as I skipped across to the stone circle in the middle.

Once I got to the middle I could see that my paw prints had melted the ice on the grass. “Ooh If I am really clever I can make a pattern of paw prints on the grass” I said.

So I skipped, jumped and padded in a big circle, much to Red Toes amusement who was watching me from the window.


As we set off for my walk I raced down the hill “Woah…oh my.” My legs were sliding in different directions. I couldn’t control them. I ended up on my bottom sliding down the hill.

All I could hear was Red Toes laughing as I tried to stand up. Luckily I was on the lead otherwise I could have ended up all the way to the bottom of the hill and into the sorting office.


Once I regained my composure I walked a bit more tentatively. Everywhere was white frost even though the sun was shining. No wonder Red Toes had her big coat, boots and a hat on her head. “I wish I was wearing a coat” I thought.

As we got to the churchyard Red Toes let me off the lead, so I ran. I like the frost, it makes the ground hard and it is really easy to run and run. If I run in circles while I am waiting for Red Toes to catch up with me I will get really warm and I won’t need a coat.

We walked all the way up the hill to Over Norton and long the fields. None of the holes in the road has water in them only ice. I met a border collie and we played chase while the humans talked. “Boy I’m glad I don’t have a coat now” I said.

Even as we finished our walk back towards our house the ground was still very cold, white and frosty. Red Toes told me winter is here. This is my first winter and I like it very much but it would be nice if I had a coat so I didn’t have to run so hard to get warm.










Got it cracked!

Last week I was sent away with my naughtiness of chewing carpets, shoes and other household goods and of course making Red Toes very tired with my night time antics.

On the trip to Grandpa’s he stopped at the dog shop. Grandpa got me some special treats. They came out of a crinkly packet and were white not like normal doggy treats. I had one with my lunch and one later at night.  ‘To be honest they didn’t taste great but hey ho its food.’

After having one of my special treats strange things started to happen. My legs found it difficult to walk in a straightline, my eyelids  became so heavy and I started to yawn. I slept and slept. I slept so much Grandpa had to wake me up in the morning.

I had a wonderful holiday,  walking with Grandma leaving little Benji smells for the dogs of Eydon. I waved my tail at everyone I met “Hello, I’m Benji pleased to meet you.”

I wanted to make sure that I got back to Red Toes and my own house as soon as possible, so I was the best behaved puppy you would ever love to meet.

Two great nights sleep and I was feeling totally calm, relaxed and refreshed, finally Red Toes came. “Hello, I love you, I miss you” I said as I licked all over her face. “Please let me come home” I said. She packed my bag and bed into the car and home we went.

I ran round house checking it for smells, it smelled like…”home.”

The first night I slept like an angel, Red Toes was so happy with me, little did she know that I had finally cracked it. Everything had come together after weeks of practice.

The following night at bed time Red Toes left the kitchen door ajar. I fell asleep myself as I waited for Red Toes to sleep.

When I woke it was very dark, so I moved very quiety to the edge of the kitchen, I ran, then I jumped at the handle and I couldn’t believe it, the door swung open first time. I was free at last. I ran round the living room with Dog in my mouth so we could have a proper adventure. I chased a bit of foil that I found. Then I chewed on a stick. I wandered behind the curtains to see who was in the street, it was empty.

“This is not too much of an adventure Dog, what shall we do?”

“I know lets get Red Toes” I said.

I crept quietly down the stairs towards the bedrooms. Yippee Red Toes’ door was open enough for me to wiggle through. I jumped quietly onto the box that holds jumpers and waited.

Red Toes moved around in a circle to face the other direction. The room was very quiet.  I balanced carefully on the box my paw hovering over the gap. If I land too heavily I will wake Red Toes. I had to get the landing perfect. I waited a minute, I stretched and gently landed on the giant bed.

I curled up in ball on the edge of the bed and slept for a while, when I realised in all the excitement I was finding it difficult to hold it in. I needed to do ‘my business’ there was nothing for it but to wake Red Toes.

“Surprise Red Toes” I said, as I jumped on her chest. “Its me Benji” I wagged.

“How on earth did you get here Benji?” She said

If only puppies could talk, I could tell you all about it.



The Home for Naughty Dogs

It has all gone wrong! I have been sent away to the home for naughty dogs, namely Grandpa’s for some “discipline“.  I am not sure how long I have to stay?

‘I didn’t mean it.’ I whimpered as I got in the back of the car.

I think I told you last week that I spent a lot of time driving Red Toes crazy. Over the last week I have continued my quest to get her attention 100% of the time and that it is all about what Benji wants.

It all started with a pair of boots 2 weeks ago. Red Toes has started to decorate the spare room, this means we are in a bit of disarray and things are not quite in the place that they should be.

While Red Toes was in the bath, I found a pair of boots, they had a lovey black covering on the heel. I discovered that if I used my teeth I could tear at the material. It was such a fun game, I managed to get all the material off the boots ‘Success’ I thought and stood back smiling at my handiwork. Red Toes was not smiling at me when she got out of the bath, I got sent to my bed in the kitchen.

The following day, while Red Toes was busy working at the computer I found a smell that was very interesting in the carpet. It smelt like chicken. It was so delicious I decided to use my teeth to lift a piece of the carpet. Before I knew it I was right through to the back of the carpet, so I adjusted my position and ate some more. Red Toes was not smiling at me when she saw what I was doing, I got sent to my bed in the kitchen.

I also managed to chew in the last week

  • A Roller for painting the walls
  • A Curtain Ring
  • A Paint brush
  • A glass case
  • A bow off a bra (even through this was up high, my jumping is getting very good)
  • I created a hole in some underwear (jumping skills again)
  • A second hole in the carpet

Of course I have a lot of toys but they are just not as much fun when it comes to chewing.

Yesterday, we had a lovely day playing together until Red Toes jumped on the computer to quickly catch up with some emails. During this short time I found a glorious, sleek grey pointed kitten heel shoe. It was brand, spanking new, barely worn. Red Toes screamed when she saw what I had done, I raced up the stairs to my bed in the kitchen without being prompted. I knew this is where I belonged.

Red Toes was so upset, I could hear her crying. I felt so bad, I didn’t know what to do. When she came in to make a cup of tea, I slowly approached and wagged my tail hard and gave my best smile ‘I’m sorry Red Toes’I said. This only made her cry even more.

Finally she picked me up and gave me a cuddle.

I think I would have probably have got away with chewing the shoe, if I hadn’t thrown a tantrum in the middle of the night for 2 hours. I think that this was the last straw!

‘I am sorry Red Toes, please take me back!’



The Sleepless Night

It was around the time of Halloween, we kept getting strange visitors at the door. They came as bats, mummies, vampires but always with fangs. I was very scared of them and gave them a good barking at, before licking them and wagging my tail.

It was a bit of an eerie night and when I went to bed. Red Toes forgot to close one of the kitchen blinds, light beamed across the kitchen flooding it with shadows.

I closed my eyes as tight as I possibly could but I couldn’t sleep. I turned myself around and around and then around again to avoid the light but it still pierced through my eyelids.

Up I got to look at the light thinking “boy the moon is bright tonight.” When I realised that the moon was not the problem. Red Toes had fixed the lights in the porch. First one lamp was not working, then they both didn’t work. Now I had both lamps beaming fully across my bed through the open blind.

“How will I sleep?” I said to myself. Angry with Red Toes for leaving me in this predicament I pounced on my bed and it moved slightly across the floor. “Aah that’s it I said.

I pulled and tugged at the bed until it moved across the floor. “That’s better, now for a good nights sleep.” I curled myself up into a ball. I closed my eyes tightly and tried to relax.  I turned myself around and around and then around again to avoid the light but it still pierced through my eyelids. It was no use! The light was still beaming across my bed.

I pounced and pulled and tugged at my bed until it was as far away from the light as possible. I curled myself up into a ball. I put my paws over my eyes and tried to relax.  I turned myself around and around and then around again to avoid the light but it really was no use.

I started to pace the floor hoping that Red Toes would hear that I was awake. Should I bark? I thought. Then she will definitely come and get me. Perhaps I can get to sleep on the giant bed instead?  I did a little growl to test the water…nothing.  I think I’m on my own on this one.

I looked at my bed then it struck me. If I put the cushion over my head it just might shield me from the light. I used my teeth to pull out the cushion, one, two, three and it was out.

Now how do I get this over my head? I crawled as low as I could to the ground and tried to burrow my nose under the cushion. All that happened was I shoved the cushion towards the bed.

Next I tried to flip the pillow in the air by sliding my paws underneath it and one, two three lift, then shoved my head under a quickly as possible. It worked but it was not quite good enough.

Let’s go again I thought. One, two, Three. I lifted the cushion as high as possible, while burrowing and crawling forward as fast as I could. I couldn’t believe it, it had worked, I actually had the cushion fully over my head.

Worried that the cushion would fall I slowed walked towards my bed and lowered my tired and weary body to the ground. I closed my eyes and started to relax.

Next thing I know Red Toes said “Morning my Benji, what you doing over there?” If only, I could tell her!





The Strange Day

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