I have been on hunger strike, well not really on strike from eating food as that would be just ridiculous. I have been on strike from eating from my bowl. It seemed like the sensible thing to do under the circumstances. My new mantra is “I will eat any food in any bowl except from my bowl.”

It all started about 2 months ago, I found a small round white tablet in my food. I was a little bit suspicious but I decided to eat it anyway. Well I can tell you that my tummy was going round and round making all sorts of noises. So I decided that I would refuse to eat from that bowl again.

Red Toes was trying to encourage me in all sorts of ways “Come on Benji, eat your breakfast. Come on Benji eat your dinner.”  No, not interested” I would say.

She would waft the dish in front of my nose, or move my bowl around to different places in the kitchen. “No, not interested” I would say and turn my head away.

Once she even brought some food to me on the porch while I was sunbathing.  Eventually she decided to ration me to biscuits only in a small bowl to encourage me to eat. Which I always did, when I was ready and provided that it wasn’t my bowl.

IMG_1476 (2)

Then one day she placed some tuna in my bowl and boy it was all forgotten. I lapped up that tuna in its juices, the next day I had biscuits in my bowl, then meat and the whole incident was over.


That was until I caught Red Toes trying to poison me again 2 weeks ago. I was eating my meaty breakfast and there it was. A small round tablet, I picked it up and placed it at the side of the bowl “Boy that was a close shave” I said as I walked away in disgust.

During my next meal I was a bit concerned so I slowly walked up to the bowl of biscuits and use my tongue to careful lift some biscuits from the bowl. There it was again, a small round tablet. “You must think I’m stupid” I woofed at Red Toes. I lifted up the tablet and left it beside the bowl and walked away.

“That is it Red Toes, I am not eating any more tablets from the bowl. I will tell Grandma that you are trying to poison me!” I was so angry and hungry as I had refused to eat both breakfast and dinner. Now my tummy was rumbling.

So when Red Toes offered me some ham, I nearly took her fingers off in gratitude. “Hold on a minute, this ham is crunchy” I said. “What is that? Oh, no I think I have eaten the tablet again.

I am keeping a close eye on Red Toes and am not eating from the bowl until I decide that it is safe.