Today! I am so excited. Red Toes kept telling me that it is my birthday but I didn’t know what that meant. It is like Christmas all over again. Yippee!

I was woken up early by Red Toes who started singing a song “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Bithday to you, Happy Birthday dear Benji, Happy Birthday to you. One today Benji” she said.

 She then let me jump on the giant bed. “Wow, it really must be my Birthday” I say. Just as I was settling down, she produced a bag and placed it beside me.

“Oh, oh this smells good, I can smell Grandma too” I am wagging like crazy. When out of the bag pops a ball. “A new ball, Wowee” I say as I chase the ball across the bed. I then come back to sniff the bag again.

“What’s this…a bit of card to chew? Thanks, I love card” Red Toes pulls a wool scarf from the card and pops it over my head. “Oooh this is smart”I say.

I skip across the bed to the bag again and another ball old out. I am so happy 2 new balls to play chase with. Red Toes pulls out a card with an orange thing strapped to it, I am not sure what this is for. “What is it?” I ask. “I will show you later Mr Benji”

I must be growing up fast “Mr Benji” never been called that before.

I went back to the bag to have another sniff, it looks like it is now empty. I think that my favourite present is the bag, I used my teeth to chew it on the corners. I managed to get my head right inside and grab the bottom with my teeth. Red Toes started laughing as I had the bag on my head, it was very funny.

Of course bag was my favourite, that was until Red Toes showed me that treats are stored in the orange toy and it is a new puzzle for me to work out how to retrieve the treats. I love treats!

Red Toes had to go to work, I don’t like work, especially on my Birthday.That said I am a very lucky boy to have all these presents. Do you like my new scarf?

Sporting my new Scarf
All my pressies