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February 2017

Ribbert Ribbert

“What kind of word is that?” I ask the strange creature that jumped into my path.

“Ribbert” he replies.

“Is that all you can say?  Is that your name?”

“Ribbert” he replies.

“So your name is Ribbert Ribbert. That’s a funny name. My name is Benji I live with Red Toes (the one attached to my lead).”

Just as I held out my paw to shake Ribbert Ribbert’s paw he jumped away. “Hold on a minute I was going to sniff you as a proper welcome to the neighbourhood” I said.

As I move forward Ribbert Ribbert started hopping again. The more I moved towards him the more he hopped away.

“He’s not that friendly for a new chap in our street” I told Red Toes. I turned and walked away. I couldn’t have gone more that 5 steps and there was another chap identical to Ribbert Ribbert.

“Hi I’m Benji, do you know Ribbert Ribbert?” I say.

“Ribbert” he replies.

“Yes Ribbert Ribbert I just met him over there, he’s not that friendly” I said waving my paw at the new chap.

“Ribbert Ribbert” he says as he hops away.

“Yes Ribbert Ribbert, whats your name?” I call.

“Ribbert” he says as he hops off.

I look up at Red Toes wondering if she understands what is going on. “It’s a bit odd to meet two animals with the same name. I do know another Benji though so I suppose it’s possible” I say.

Red Toes is starting to crouch down, she puts her hand on my collar to hold me close. There are Ribbert Ribberts everywhere on the street.  They are hopping in all directions around us, we are trapped by Ribbert Ribberts. I stay to close to Red Toes, I don’t like this much.

As they come passed us they say “Ribbert”

Eventually I start to say “Ribbert” back  and wag my tail. I look at Red Toes, perhaps it is a new language and a way of saying good evening to these new strange creatures that have moved into my street.

Eventuallly all the Ribbert Ribberts went passed and I could carry on with my walk. Just in case you also speak this new language “Ribbert Ribbert to you all”






I felt alone

Lovely thoughts from a perspective of a new dad.



This was from my journal 7 years ago. It is painful to translate into english and into any words because I remember my feelings. It hurt. It was love. It was painful. I felt alone.  I think that most mums and dads feel the same sometimes. But mine was me and I felt like I was the only person in the world at that time – aside from a tiny human being that looked to me for everything.

Crazy Wife is off to work.  I’m alone.  Not really alone, because I have this tiny thing next to me that is sleeping with tiny breaths and is quiet (atleast for 5 minutes).

I have to figure out how to navigate her being in my arms and then get the formula and bottle ready at the most perfect temperature it can be. I’m sure there is a smell getting ready to happen…

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The Haircut

I am starting to getting upset with Red Toes. She is putting me on a towel every day and brushing my hair. “I don’t like it” I makes me very upset.

Apparently Red Toes got told off by Lucie as my hair has little knots in it. “I like my little knots.”

Sometimes Red Toes brushes very lightly on my hair and this is just fine. Then she pushes the brush a bit harder to get the knots. It hurts me when Red Toes tries to get the knots out so I would rather just keep them.

One day this week Grandma came over. “Hello Grandma” I wag. I am very happy to see my Grandma she is always very nice to me. After we had a cup of tea and a chat Red Toes swept me up in her arms and placed me on the towel.

“Oh no, not this again” I say. I couldn’t believe Grandma is holding me down while Red Toes is pulling the brush through my hair. “Ow, Ow, Ow” I say. I turn round and round in circles so Grandma can’t hold me.

“Let’s stop for a minute” Red Toes say.

“Yes, let’s stop” I say. Thankful for the treats that Red Toes is placing on the towel.

Before I knew it, Red Toes was holding me and Grandma was pulling and pulling with the brush.”Ow hurts, Ow, Ow Hurts lots” I say. Flicking my legs in the air. There is no way that I am going to let them brush my legs or near my backside.

“Ha, now you have to give up brushing me” I say.

The following day, Red Toes takes me in the car. I don’t go in the car very often, so I am trying to guess if we are going puppy training, to the pet shop or on holiday. “No it can’t be a holiday I don’t have my bed” I think.

We don’t go very far which is a bit of a worry, perhaps its the vet?  As soon as the car door opens I know immediately where we are, I am here to see Lucie the dog groomer.

“Oh no, more brushing” now I am not very happy.

Lucie and Red Toes talk for a long time. “He won’t let me brush him” she says. “He is getting very upset when I try to brush the knots out.”

“Okay we are going to have to keep it short” Lucie says.

“Yes, lets keep the session short, just a wash and blow dry, no brushing thank you!” I agree.

As Lucie put me on her brushing and cutting table I was shaking a bit. “Please no brush” I whimper.

“No brush Benji just the clippers” she says. When she is finished she says all done.

“Oh my god, where is all my hair gone?” “It’s freezing cold without any hair, do you have a jumper?” I say.


Red Toes didn’t even recognise me when she came to get me. I do miss my hair especially in this cold weather.

Perhaps I had better get used to the brush for the future!


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