Did I tell you that I got some new balls for Christmas?

It appears that Red Toes also has a ball.

For the last few weeks both of us have been playing with our new balls.

I like my small ball, I can carry it in my mouth. Red Toes sits on the sofa and throws the ball across the hallway. I run as fast as I can to get the ball as it bounces off the door, onto the floor. I have to reach it before it rolls down the stairs.

Sometimes I get a head start and jump in the air to catch the ball with my mouth. I am getting very good at this.

Once I catch the ball I run back to Red Toes and wag “Ready again” I say.

The problem with my small ball is that once I put it down it starts to roll. I have discovered that the living room is slanted so the ball rolls under the sofa.

This does not make Red Toes happy as she has to move the sofa to get my ball. “Jees Benji, how many times a day do I have to move the sofa” she says.

My next ball is red with white spots. It is a bit bigger than my green ball and cannot roll under the sofa. Red Toes likes this ball a lot.

This ball is big and soft. I can carry it in my mouth but it is a lot harder to catch when Red Toes throws it. I just can’t seem to get my mouth open wide enough.

This ball is great for football. Red Toes and I play this in the kitchen while we are waiting for the dinner to cook.”Benji in goal” she says. I wag my tail when I am ready, the she kicks the ball across the kitchen. I have to jump on the ball before it hits the side. I’m a good little goalie.

Our newest ball has always been there in the corner of the bedroom. It’s normally covered by clothes and not really used.

Lately Red Toes is getting up in the morning and doing things with her ball while I wait on the giant bed. This morning I decided to help Red Toes play with her ball, just like she does when I want to play.

When she was doing push ups on the ball, I placed my paws on her head and licked her face. She must of liked it as she started to giggle.

When she was doing sit ups on the floor with her feet on the ball, I laid down on her tummy. I licked her chin. She must of liked it as she started to giggle.

When she was doing jack knifes, I ran underneath her and tickled her with my tail. She must of liked it as she started to giggle.

I am so glad that I can help Red Toes play with her ball.