Grandma came to see Red Toes and she bought me a present. Grandma’s friend Immogen makes things for people and she made something for especially for me. Well I am not sure if it is just for me, but I love my present.

Everyday I have to sit underneath the ring and wag my tail. “Guess what?” Everyday I get a treat just for wagging my tail. “How easy is that!”

Red Toes told me that it is a calendar for Christmas. We count down 24 days then Christmas is here. I do not know what Christmas is but I think that it must be very exciting.

Everything is changing in the house. We have a big tree in the living room which is blocking my path to the window. When Red Toes switches the tree on it makes a big whirling sound, I have to cover my ears until it calms down. This takes a few minutes, then the lights start flashing so it is not like the normal trees at all.


It seems very odd to have a tree in the house. It is very low to the ground so I am not able to cock my leg against this tree. I did try but I have a funny feeling that would have made Red Toes really mad.



The day that Red Toes put the tree in the room she stood on the big ladder and hung things from the ceiling. At one point I was really worried, she seemed to be dangling from the wooden beams, her legs were knocking on the ladder and she was making some really strange sounds.

Finally her feet touched the ladder and she was back safely on the ground.

Now there are bags under the tree. I gave them all a big sniff and I wagged my tail. It smells so exciting.

“What’s in there?” I asked.

“It must be for me, it smells so good.”

“Can I eat it now? I asked Red Toes.

Red Toes says I am not allowed to touch the bags under the tree until Christmas. “That’s not fair” I said.  “I want them now.”

Umm I know. I will wait until she has gone out and then I will eat everything in the bag. The smell is driving me crazy, I have to sit the otherside of the room to stop myself drooling.

Then next morning I could see Red Toes putting on her coat. “Time to get into the bags” I thought. I could barely sleep thinking about it.

“Oh no, she is moving the bags.”

“Where are you taking them?” I asked.

“Let’s put these safely out of the way Benji, I don’t want you eating everyone’s Christmas presents. You have to wait until Christmas young puppy.”

“I hope Christmas is nearly here. I cannot wait to see what is in those bags!”