What is this?

I ran back indoors “There is something wrong with the grass” I told Red Toes. Please come and see.

“It is cold and crispy” I said.

“How can I do my business on crispy grass?”

I grabbed Red Toes trouser leg and pulled her towards the door. “It’s too cold for me Benji, go do your business on your own” she said.

I looked at her, really not sure about this. “Can I do it on crispy grass, is it okay?”

“Go on young man, off you go” she said.

I tip toed across the decking and peered my head around the corner. Everything was white. I gently placed my paw down on the grass. “Brrgh, this is really very cold” I said. “Let’s be brave then” I said as I skipped across to the stone circle in the middle.

Once I got to the middle I could see that my paw prints had melted the ice on the grass. “Ooh If I am really clever I can make a pattern of paw prints on the grass” I said.

So I skipped, jumped and padded in a big circle, much to Red Toes amusement who was watching me from the window.


As we set off for my walk I raced down the hill “Woah…oh my.” My legs were sliding in different directions. I couldn’t control them. I ended up on my bottom sliding down the hill.

All I could hear was Red Toes laughing as I tried to stand up. Luckily I was on the lead otherwise I could have ended up all the way to the bottom of the hill and into the sorting office.


Once I regained my composure I walked a bit more tentatively. Everywhere was white frost even though the sun was shining. No wonder Red Toes had her big coat, boots and a hat on her head. “I wish I was wearing a coat” I thought.

As we got to the churchyard Red Toes let me off the lead, so I ran. I like the frost, it makes the ground hard and it is really easy to run and run. If I run in circles while I am waiting for Red Toes to catch up with me I will get really warm and I won’t need a coat.

We walked all the way up the hill to Over Norton and long the fields. None of the holes in the road has water in them only ice. I met a border collie and we played chase while the humans talked. “Boy I’m glad I don’t have a coat now” I said.

Even as we finished our walk back towards our house the ground was still very cold, white and frosty. Red Toes told me winter is here. This is my first winter and I like it very much but it would be nice if I had a coat so I didn’t have to run so hard to get warm.