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December 2016

Who is Santa?

A few weeks ago Red Toes explained to me when I eat a treat from my advent calendar we are counting down the days to something called Christmas. She said when Christmas Eve comes Santa comes down the chimney while we are asleep and leaves a gift for all the good dogs and humans on the planet.

This is why I have been on my best behaviour. I have been sitting, rolling and waving my paws on command. I didn’t know that it was going to be this good…Wow wee what a whirlwind of a week.

It all started on Christmas Eve. Grandma and Grandpa arrived with lots and lots of bags. I didn’t know what was going on. ‘Are you staying in my house?’ I asked Grandma. I started to jump and jump with excitement. I ran round and round the living room. ‘Oh how exciting’ I wagged.

Red Toes was working in the kitchen with Grandma and then the strangest thing happened. Grandpa took me for a long walk down the big hill, over the field and all the way back into town. Grandpa never takes me for a walk. ‘This must be part of Christmas’ I thought.

We had some friends round for drinks, I sniffed and wagged at them all. ‘Happy Christmas to you’ I woofed. Then I realised that Santa Claus had not yet been and left us presents under the tree. I sat on my mat thinking. I have been good but has Red Toes been good enough for Santa Claus to visit us?

We all went to bed very late that night, I was so exhausted I couldn’t even jump at the door handle. The next morning it was crazy; Santa Claus had come and there were presents everywhere.

‘Can I open my presents yet Red Toes?’ I jumped up at her.

‘Not  yet Benji we have to wait for the others to arrive’ she said.

Just one present would be nice to open. There is one right up there smells so delicious, it must be for me. If I jump can I get it? Oh, no amount of jumping is going to get me that present. I put my paws on my head and stared at the presents.

In order to distract me Grandpa took me for a long walk over the fields. Grandpa never takes me for a walk. ‘This must be part of Christmas’ I thought.

Once our visitors arrived I ran round ‘Hurry up all, hurry up’ I wagged. ‘There are presents for me I am sure of it.’ Grandpa put all the presents in big piles.

I ran over to a pile, it had got to be mine, it smelt amazing. Red Toes let me sniff every present and then I took all the gifts back to my mat for investigation.

What a lucky boy I am. ‘I told you I had been good’ I wagged at Red Toes. I got a stocking with a penguin, a crocodile, more balls and lots of treats. ‘What do you think of my new jacket? Don’t I look really smart.


Grandma and Grandpa stayed over at my house again and we all had breakfast before Grandpa took me for another long walk over the fields. ‘This definitely must be part of Christmas’ I thought.

Perhaps Grandpa is Christmas? After all who came with all the bags and took me for big walks- Umm?




The Advent Calendar

Grandma came to see Red Toes and she bought me a present. Grandma’s friend Immogen makes things for people and she made something for especially for me. Well I am not sure if it is just for me, but I love my present.

Everyday I have to sit underneath the ring and wag my tail. “Guess what?” Everyday I get a treat just for wagging my tail. “How easy is that!”

Red Toes told me that it is a calendar for Christmas. We count down 24 days then Christmas is here. I do not know what Christmas is but I think that it must be very exciting.

Everything is changing in the house. We have a big tree in the living room which is blocking my path to the window. When Red Toes switches the tree on it makes a big whirling sound, I have to cover my ears until it calms down. This takes a few minutes, then the lights start flashing so it is not like the normal trees at all.


It seems very odd to have a tree in the house. It is very low to the ground so I am not able to cock my leg against this tree. I did try but I have a funny feeling that would have made Red Toes really mad.



The day that Red Toes put the tree in the room she stood on the big ladder and hung things from the ceiling. At one point I was really worried, she seemed to be dangling from the wooden beams, her legs were knocking on the ladder and she was making some really strange sounds.

Finally her feet touched the ladder and she was back safely on the ground.

Now there are bags under the tree. I gave them all a big sniff and I wagged my tail. It smells so exciting.

“What’s in there?” I asked.

“It must be for me, it smells so good.”

“Can I eat it now? I asked Red Toes.

Red Toes says I am not allowed to touch the bags under the tree until Christmas. “That’s not fair” I said.  “I want them now.”

Umm I know. I will wait until she has gone out and then I will eat everything in the bag. The smell is driving me crazy, I have to sit the otherside of the room to stop myself drooling.

Then next morning I could see Red Toes putting on her coat. “Time to get into the bags” I thought. I could barely sleep thinking about it.

“Oh no, she is moving the bags.”

“Where are you taking them?” I asked.

“Let’s put these safely out of the way Benji, I don’t want you eating everyone’s Christmas presents. You have to wait until Christmas young puppy.”

“I hope Christmas is nearly here. I cannot wait to see what is in those bags!”







Crispy Grass

What is this?

I ran back indoors “There is something wrong with the grass” I told Red Toes. Please come and see.

“It is cold and crispy” I said.

“How can I do my business on crispy grass?”

I grabbed Red Toes trouser leg and pulled her towards the door. “It’s too cold for me Benji, go do your business on your own” she said.

I looked at her, really not sure about this. “Can I do it on crispy grass, is it okay?”

“Go on young man, off you go” she said.

I tip toed across the decking and peered my head around the corner. Everything was white. I gently placed my paw down on the grass. “Brrgh, this is really very cold” I said. “Let’s be brave then” I said as I skipped across to the stone circle in the middle.

Once I got to the middle I could see that my paw prints had melted the ice on the grass. “Ooh If I am really clever I can make a pattern of paw prints on the grass” I said.

So I skipped, jumped and padded in a big circle, much to Red Toes amusement who was watching me from the window.


As we set off for my walk I raced down the hill “Woah…oh my.” My legs were sliding in different directions. I couldn’t control them. I ended up on my bottom sliding down the hill.

All I could hear was Red Toes laughing as I tried to stand up. Luckily I was on the lead otherwise I could have ended up all the way to the bottom of the hill and into the sorting office.


Once I regained my composure I walked a bit more tentatively. Everywhere was white frost even though the sun was shining. No wonder Red Toes had her big coat, boots and a hat on her head. “I wish I was wearing a coat” I thought.

As we got to the churchyard Red Toes let me off the lead, so I ran. I like the frost, it makes the ground hard and it is really easy to run and run. If I run in circles while I am waiting for Red Toes to catch up with me I will get really warm and I won’t need a coat.

We walked all the way up the hill to Over Norton and long the fields. None of the holes in the road has water in them only ice. I met a border collie and we played chase while the humans talked. “Boy I’m glad I don’t have a coat now” I said.

Even as we finished our walk back towards our house the ground was still very cold, white and frosty. Red Toes told me winter is here. This is my first winter and I like it very much but it would be nice if I had a coat so I didn’t have to run so hard to get warm.










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