It has all gone wrong! I have been sent away to the home for naughty dogs, namely Grandpa’s for some “discipline“.  I am not sure how long I have to stay?

‘I didn’t mean it.’ I whimpered as I got in the back of the car.

I think I told you last week that I spent a lot of time driving Red Toes crazy. Over the last week I have continued my quest to get her attention 100% of the time and that it is all about what Benji wants.

It all started with a pair of boots 2 weeks ago. Red Toes has started to decorate the spare room, this means we are in a bit of disarray and things are not quite in the place that they should be.

While Red Toes was in the bath, I found a pair of boots, they had a lovey black covering on the heel. I discovered that if I used my teeth I could tear at the material. It was such a fun game, I managed to get all the material off the boots ‘Success’ I thought and stood back smiling at my handiwork. Red Toes was not smiling at me when she got out of the bath, I got sent to my bed in the kitchen.

The following day, while Red Toes was busy working at the computer I found a smell that was very interesting in the carpet. It smelt like chicken. It was so delicious I decided to use my teeth to lift a piece of the carpet. Before I knew it I was right through to the back of the carpet, so I adjusted my position and ate some more. Red Toes was not smiling at me when she saw what I was doing, I got sent to my bed in the kitchen.

I also managed to chew in the last week

  • A Roller for painting the walls
  • A Curtain Ring
  • A Paint brush
  • A glass case
  • A bow off a bra (even through this was up high, my jumping is getting very good)
  • I created a hole in some underwear (jumping skills again)
  • A second hole in the carpet

Of course I have a lot of toys but they are just not as much fun when it comes to chewing.

Yesterday, we had a lovely day playing together until Red Toes jumped on the computer to quickly catch up with some emails. During this short time I found a glorious, sleek grey pointed kitten heel shoe. It was brand, spanking new, barely worn. Red Toes screamed when she saw what I had done, I raced up the stairs to my bed in the kitchen without being prompted. I knew this is where I belonged.

Red Toes was so upset, I could hear her crying. I felt so bad, I didn’t know what to do. When she came in to make a cup of tea, I slowly approached and wagged my tail hard and gave my best smile ‘I’m sorry Red Toes’I said. This only made her cry even more.

Finally she picked me up and gave me a cuddle.

I think I would have probably have got away with chewing the shoe, if I hadn’t thrown a tantrum in the middle of the night for 2 hours. I think that this was the last straw!

‘I am sorry Red Toes, please take me back!’