When I was a pup I didn’t always use my big boy bark to tell Red Toe’s what I wanted.

This week has been full of Big Boy Barks. Here is my barking list for the week.

Big Boy Bark 1:  I have 2 small tennis balls that I play football with, either in the kitchen or on the porch. Red Toes kicks one ball, I chase it and pick it up in my mouth. She then kicks the next ball and I chase it. I have to drop the ball in my mouth to pick up the next ball as I cannot carry 2 balls at once.

Sometimes I drop the ball in the living room and the ball rolls under the sofa. I have to bark at Red Toes to tell her to move the sofa to get the ball.

I lose my ball many times in a day – which means Red Toes has to crawl on the floor to check where the ball is, then she move the sofa. This does not make her happy so I have to wag nicely to get my ball back.


I don’t know why we need a sofa it just gets in the way of playing. I can sit quite happily on my cushion when I want to rest.




BBB 2: We were walking down the street when I saw some shopping bags on the path. I barked as loud as possible – Then I realised a man was at his car taking out his shopping. He jumped so high his veg fell right out of the shopping bag he was holding and onto the path. Unfortunately I was not quick enough to pick up his carrots.

Red Toes had to apologize to him and help him pick up the veggies.

Stock Photo 123RF – This is definitely not the man!


His shopping should not have been on the path.






BBB 3: I was running along the other day minding my own business when leaves started to swirl all around me. I barked and barked  “where are they coming from?” I said.


They should not be swirling round my head.



BBB 4: I crossed the road and waited for Red Toe’s to catch me up when I noticed that there was something on the path that I have never seen before. I started to bark as loud as possible but it did not move. I got closer and closer and it still did not move. I started to run straight at it and continued to bark.

In the end I got a bit scared and decided to run off the path into the road. Now Red Toes got scared, so she pulled me up tight onto the lead. Luckily there was no cars coming.



This should not have been on the path.



BBB 5: Red Toes was sitting on the sofa watching the screen when I could smell burning. I barked and barked. Red Toes got a bit confused and crawled on the floor to look for my ball.

I carried on barking and walked out of the living room. Again Red Toes was confused she took me outside to “do my business”. Back up the stairs I ran and barked and barked at the kitchen door.


When Red Toes opened the door she wailed “Oh my God – The rice is burnt



So my big boy bark came in handy and saved the day. Red Toes gave me a big cuddle as a thank you. So I am a happy boy.