Ever since I arrived with Red Toes I have always slept in the kitchen with Dog in my bed

Me with Dog

I should have known something was up and that change would bring a very strange day.

Yesterday Red Toes let me sleep on the giant bed with her and Dog. At the time this seemed like a big treat. I stretched myself out next to Dog and Red Toes, we all had a great nights sleep.

Red Toes jumped up when the alarm went ring and went off to “do her business.” She came back with a steamy cup of black liquid and we had a cuddle.

Normally in the morning after I “do my business” in the garden, Red Toes gives me a treat. This morning I did not get a treat. “What a strange start to the day” I said.

Red Toes and I always eat breakfast at the same time. This morning Red Toes made her porridge with honey and grapes – it smelled delicious. I did not get any meaty breakfast. I questioned Red Toes and said “Where is my breakfast?”

“No breakfast for Benji this morning” she said.

When Red Toes does not have to go to work we jump in the car to the dog park so I can see my friends Tammy, Holly, Macca, Finn and Buddy. Today I know that Red Toe’s is not going to work as she put on her jeans. I am excited but instead of going to the car we only walk round the block. “Mm, what a strange start to the day” I said.

After my walk, I raced to the house, I must be getting fed now surely? I skip into the house, wipe my paws on the towel and run into the kitchen. “Benji’s such a good boy” Red Toes said. I wag my tail and say “Yes I am, any chance of some food, a treat or how about one of those tasty beefy sticks before you sit down to read your book?”

“No food for Benji this morning” she said.

“Mm, what a strange start to the day” I said.

Red Toes checks the clock, picks up some papers, puts my lead on and we jump in the car. We arrive at the Vets, last time I came here we had a doggy play day with lots of treats. I wagged  my tail nicely to the vet when she took my lead and led me out the back. I know this is where the treats are so I am very happy. I turn around and Red Toes is not there “Mm, this is a very a strange day” I said.

The shiny table at the vets

I get lifted on the big shiny table with lights the vet gives me a sharp jab “Is that food? Red Toes hasn’t……before I could finish my sentence my eyes are so heavy I couldn’t keep them open.




I woke up feeling very groggy and very sore, I am finding it hard to walk properly. Now I know what “nuts” Red Toes has been talking about, not only am I missing nuts they have taken some of my teeth out as well!

When Red Toes came to collect me, I couldn’t even smile. Red Toes laughed with tears at me in my collar. I’m a sad Benji and not sure if I will wag my tail at Red Toes again.

Next time I get to sleep on the giant bed I will know  its going to be a strange day and probably not a nice one.