When I go for a walk I like to get as dirty as possible. I run through the long grass, splash in puddles and roll in the dirt. It is the best fun!

When I get back Red Toes always sends me into the kitchen straight away so I don’t “traipse through the house with my dirty paws”.  Most days I have my paws washed in the sink with the minty bubbles, sometimes my belly is always washed too if I went through the extra long grass. I don’t mind it in the sink.

When I was little I used to have a full wash in the sink, my ears, my face and even in-between my toes were scrubbed. I never liked this much because the water goes in my eyes and I tell Red Toes “Enough, enough” then try to scramble out. I splashed and splashed to wriggle out. Funny thing was, Red Toes always ended up just as soaked with water as me.

Dirty Dogs image image





A couple of times I was so dirty all over, I had to wait outside until Red Toes lets me in the house. She scoops me up and we race downstairs to the big bathroom with the human sink. I like it in the human sink. Red Toes puts the shower on and it tickles all over and the dirt washes off. Then minty bubbles all over before more tickles of water.

Every Sunday Red Toes has a wash in the big human sink. Not with the shower but she fills the sink with bubbles, they smell like Lavender from the garden. Normally I wait outside while she splishes and splashes in the water.

Last week she forgot to close the door properly so I managed to sneak into the room. I crept along the mat and sat beside the big sink. I could smell the bubbles and I could see Red Toes head, when all of a sudden Red Toes slid down the bath into the water and I can’t see her anymore.

I checked over the side of the bath to see where she was. Red Toes is under the water, her eyes are close. I use my arms to pull myself up, my back paws are pushing the air to hoist myself higher to rescue her. I can’t do it, I look around for something to jump on.

I launched myself onto the flushing machine my back legs fall into the hole, I shake the water off (which was right up to my tummy).

I was just about to jump into the human sink when Red Toes pops up. “Oh my god Benji” she says “where did you come from?”