Red Toes has started to teach me lots of things. It all started at puppy training school but it appears a puppy’s learning is never done.

First I learned to come when called, then sit which was nice and easy. Next she taught me down, so I lay on the floor – easy I love relaxing. Sometimes I get a bit confused, so I end up going down to the floor when I am supposed to sit. I can see Red Toes forehead wrinkling with questions when I do the wrong thing. Plus I don’t get a treat so I know I must be wrong.

Now Red Toes has added a lot more commands:

Hi-Five – Red Toes puts her human paw in the air and I have to hit her paw with mine. This is so easy any puppy can do this. I get a treat when I do it right so I will just soldier on pretending it is hard.

Shake – Red Toes puts her paw out and we shake paws, seems really silly to me but she seems to like it.

Fetch –  Red Toes throws a ball and I have to chase the ball and bring it back for another throw. This is a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t you bring it back if you get a treat at the end.

Stay –  This is when I have to stay in one place without moving. This is quite hard because I want to be with Red Toes all the time. I can do it, when I can’t be bothered to walk up the stairs. It makes Red Toes happy when I stay at the bottom of the stairs and guess what; I get a treat.

Heel – I have to walk behind Red Toes. Not sure why, I like to lead the way and sniff out if there is any trouble coming our way.

Roll – Red Toes waggles her finger in a circle then I have to go down, roll on my back, all the way to the other side so I am back in the same position as I started. At first I could only get half way but then Red Toes waggled treats in front of my nose and I soon managed to roll the whole way.

All of this started as a bit of fun but now I have to do a combination of things. This gets a bit confusing. Sometimes she says “All 3″. I have to lie down, roll round  on my back and then sit nicely all in one move. Seems a lot for only 1 treat.

Now Red Toes has bought me a puzzle, which at first seemed very easy. I had to find hidden treats by sliding panels with my paws. Then I had to lift bones with my teeth to find the treat. Now I have to lift bones to find treats behind sliding panels. It is definitely getting harder but I am having great fun trying to get those treats out, I can tell you.


I am just a bit concerned as to where this is all going to end? This lunchtime she made me walk through her legs while she was walking…whatever next!