Red Toes and I have a bit of a routine in the morning. The alarm goes off early and she make a cup of bitter smelling liquid. After I do my business I get to climb on the big bed. I give myself a wash and then when it is time to move I give Red Toes a wash to get her moving. She doesn’t like it much so she jumps out of bed.

Luckily I get to have the big bed all to myself while Red Toes sits on a ball and moves the weights up and down.Some days she rolls around on the floor on a purple mat with her legs in the air. It looks very bizarre. Red Toes says this is exercise, I much prefer my exercise on the lead and chasing the ball it is much more fun.

I mostly like being with Red Toes but there is something that Red Toes and I, just do not see eye to eye on. It is “doing my business“. I have been practicing cocking my leg. Red Toes was very proud as I am a big boy now. That said, I now cock anywhere I can find a straight item. This includes;

  • The door in between the hall and the office
  • Red Toes handbag
  • The curtains

These items, although straight are apparently not cockable for a puppy and I should stop doing my business on them. It is hard for a young pup to work these things out.

The next problem that Red Toes and I have is with the other part of “doing my business” once I have done a poop I simply want to just clean it up so it is not in the way. Red Toes does not like this one bit. She chases me away and rattles the treats so I forget what I am doing. It mostly works because I love treats.

I have tried to tell Red Toes that there are many reasons why I like to do this:

  1. I am a descendant of the wolf. In the wild, we have to remove all trace so we cannot be tracked.
  2. My dog mother ate the feces of  my brothers and sisters to keep her nest clean and prevent predators from being alerted by the smell. I have a small yard so I like it to be clean too.
  3. I actually like the taste, it has nutrients I need.
  4. I see other dogs doing this in the park, so it is very natural for me to follow them.
  5. I know for a fact that Red Toes will react and give me a treat so I sometimes do this to get her attention and of course a treat. I love treats.

Red Toes has been making some efforts to prevent me from eating my poop. On the advise from cousin Darren, Red Toes gave me some pineapple chunks. They tasted delicious so I lapped up the whole bowl.

Pineapple_Chunks I am not sure that the pineapple chunks had the affect that Red Toes wanted?

Firstly I couldn’t go to the toilet for 2 whole days, it made my belly swell and it hurt when I did my business.

Secondly, I did stop eating my poop as it smelt of pineapple and I really had, had enough of that!

When I nosed around the shopping bag this week I saw more pineapple chunks in a tin, so I am a bit worried.

I hope they are not for me, because I am a wolf don’t you know and they don’t eat pineapple!