When Red Toes’ friend came from Australia we had lots of adventures out in the big world.

One day I got in the back of the car and we went to an enormous park. There were some dogs but there was a host of other animals that screeched, growled and howled. Up until this point I had only ever seen other dogs, a couple of cats, Dora my rabbit friend and the shell that walks really slowly. So this was a real big adventure.

There was a lot of people there and it look me a long time to walk round, wagging my tail at everything I saw. The first animal I saw, was so big. Much bigger than Bailey the dog next door. I gave my best big boy bark “Hey what are you?” I said.

It turned and walked towards me and then I saw. It had a big pointed horn and skin so tough I would never be able to bite it with my little teeth. I got a bit scared and hid behind Red Toes. Whew; it was lucky there was a fence otherwise I would have been Rhino’d.

Photo courtesy of Cotswold Concierge
Courtesy of Cotswold Concierge

We went to a smaller area with lots of different animals. The noise made it really hard to concentrate on wagging my tail. There was a lot of screeching and chattering. Red Toe’s picked me up so I could get a good look at what was going one. I saw this animal hanging by an arm like a human. “Hey what are you?” I said.

It swung towards me and I tried to jump into Red Toes hair just as its fingers came through the cage. Whew that was lucky I was almost tickled by this Siamang Gibbon.

Courtesy of Cotswold Wildlife Park Gallery

There was so many animals to see. I checked out the penguins, to be honest they smelt really strongly of fish. I wanted to get in the water to play with them it looked like great fun.

Red Toes got all excited about the giraffes and zebras. She says that they are her favourite animals, apart from me of course.

Just when I thought I couldn’t walk any more we came across a big area that was sealed off with glass. I am not sure why? They just looked a bit like the cats that I see when I walk around the block just bigger.  Just to check it was a cat I gave a big bark at the glass “Hey what are you?”

“Are you a cat?” I said.

“Am I a Cat, you say?”

“What a foolish puppy you are. I am the King of all Cats – I am a Lion!” he yawned.

When he opened is mouth I could see his teeth were a lot bigger than mine. Then I was scared all over again.

Courtesy of Cotswold Wildlife Park

Red Toes told me in August Rana and Kanha the Lions have made history with their very first litter.

Their cubs are the first Lion triplets to be born at Cotswold Wildlife Park since it opened in 1970.




If you haven’t been to the Cotswold Wildlife Park I think it is a great adventure day out for everyone. If you are really lucky you may get to see these cubs. I bet their teeth are bigger than mine already!

Kali, Sita and Sonika – Picture Courtesy of Cotswold Wildlife Park