I don’t know about small humans – can they smell as well as a puppy?

When I was small I could always smell very well. I could smell my mother in order to get milk even though I couldn’t see. When I came to live with Red Toes I knew when she opened the packet of treats even if I was not in the room.

When Red Toes first put me on the lead I used to walk as fast as I could around the block, just so I could get back inside my house as quickly as I could. Red Toes said I could give Usain Bolt a run for his money. I never used to stop and smell anything.

As I am now a big boy my sense of smell has grown enormously. When I go to the doggy park I say hello to all the other dogs by giving them a friendly sniff and they sniff me. If there are no dogs in the park I sniff everywhere to see who has been there and I leave them little Benji smells so they know I am thinking of them.

My sense of smell has helped greatly as I always play a game with Red Toes in the park called “Where’s Benji’ s Ball?”  Red Toes throws my ball on a rope and I chase and chase the ball until I find it. Sometimes Red Toes is not very good at throwing and the ball goes off course, so it is a good job I can smell it.

The other morning, I was in the park with Red Toes and everything was super smelly so much so I couldn’t concentrate. I sniffed and sniffed until I came across a flower that was has a long stem, white petals and a yellow middle. It smells mild and fresh like fresh linen. Can you guess what it is?

The Daisy

Red Toes threw the ball again and I ran with the wind blowing my ears back until I reached another flower. This one was bright yellow all over it glows out of the grass, which is just as well as it smells like dry grass. Can you guess what it is?


yellow buttercup (Ranunculus repens) on white background
The Buttercup

Off we go again chasing and chasing the ball. I am so happy when I am running I have a big smile on my face. The smell was very strong on the next flower and to be honest it wasn’t very nice. No wonder it was on a very tall stem and I had to reach up to sniff it. Boy I wish I hadn’t. It pricked me on the nose ouch! It had a big purple head with lots of prickles and a big bulb underneath it. Can you guess what it is?


Red Toes threw the ball high in the air, so high, I couldn’t see it. It tumbled behind a big tree way, way off course. Red Toes kept asking “Wheres Benji’s ball?” I searched and searched and even with my sense of smell I couldn’t find it again.

So where is Benji’s ball? The answer is LOST