Oh my oh my. I have been away for ages. There is so much to tell you.

Firstly Red Toes went to some thing called Glastonbury, this meant I got to go on holiday with grandma and grandpa. I like it at their house I follow them around all day. The best thing about being there, is the garden.

The grass in their garden is so nice it was really easy to dig a hole. I dug a big hole right by the washing pole. Grandpa was not really happy with me.

There are lots of different pots with all different flowers and smells. As my teeth were still coming through I spent a lot of time chewing and tasting all the flowers and plants. Grandpa was not really happy with me.

Their home smells very different to my house. So in order to feel right at home I did a pee in the living room. Grandpa was not really happy with me.

dad's garden

Grandpa has now banned me from the flowers and he puts a big fence all the way round when he knows I am coming to visit.

Red Toes has started doing something called “work”. I don’t like work! I have to get up early, I don’t have time to eat my breakfast and then Red Toes leaves me on my own until my friend Julie next door comes to get me.

Thank goodness for Julie she feeds me and lets me play in her big garden with Bailey and Dora the rabbit. They also have a hard shell that walks really slowly. I don’t know what it is. I gave it a lick but it is not really very tasty.

Luckily Red Toes doesn’t work every day otherwise I would be very sad. We still get to have lots of adventures but I will tell you about those next week.

I have had my first big boy hair cut with Lucie at Barks and Bubbles. I feel very handsome with my new do. See my before and after photo’s.

One of the best things in the last few weeks was that I went to school. Yes, it was a school for dogs at Tony Orchards Dog Training. It was so exciting I met Bonny and Barney Cockerpoo’s, Magic a big Lab and Jazz a Spaniel plus many more.

Red Toes made me do homework but to be honest every time I did something right, I got a treat so as you can imagine I kept trying to get it right.

We did a big exam at the end and Red Toes made me work hard to sit, stand and lie down at the right time to get ready for the exam. Grandma says Red Toes is very competitive, whatever that means.

I won longest sit, fastest recall and most number of sit, stand, downs in 30 seconds. Red Toes was very proud of me. I got lots of cuddles and most importantly treats!