It all started at my human friend Julie’s house, I couldn’t keep any food in my tummy despite trying my hardest it wouldn’t stay in at all. When I got home I kept being sick.

I told Red Toes “Not feeling good, poorly tummy” I don’t think she understood me, she wouldn’t give me any food at all. I was so tired I couldn’t move so I stayed on Red Toe’s lap saying “Woe is me, so poorly!” When I went to bed I was so hungry I could hear my own tummy rumbling.

The next morning, I felt great and jumped out of bed. Thank goodness Red Toes started to feed me again, I don’t think I could have lasted much longer I was ready to chew my own bed, I really was that hungry.

That night I don’t know what happened it all came out again I couldn’t stop it. No one was there to help me, I cried for Red Toes but she was in the big bed and couldn’t hear me. “Help me” I said, but there was not enough big boy voice to use, I was so weak.

In the morning Red Toes took me to see a man, this man put a thermometer in a place I that I would rather not discuss too much. He gave me an injection and a tablet, but he had some beefy paste so that was alright.

“Hungry now” I said. A little later I told her again “Hungry now.” I don’t know why Red Toes is not feeding me. “Hungry, Hungry, Hungry” I told her again.

I didn’t know what I needed to do to explain to Red Toes I am hungry. Has she forgotten that it is her job to feed me, walk me, play with me? She has taken me for a walk and she has played with me but “where is my food!”

I was getting upset with Red Toes she had not feed me all day, then she made in a pan some fluffy yellow thing, it was a bit weird but who cares I ate it all!

Scrambled Eggs

I went to see my friend Lucie, for a puppy introduction to grooming. She gave me some beefy paste while she did something with my paws and hair. I checked to see what she was doing but to be honest the beefy paste was too lovely.

All of a sudden I could see again, my hair had grown so long it covered my eyes. I gave Lucie a lick to say thank you. She gave me a blue bow for my collar.

Lucie took this great picture of me.  Red Toes says she can now see my big beautiful eyes. Can you?