A few weeks ago I went to my human friend Julie’s house. Julie comes to feed me and play with me sometimes when Red Toes is not around.

While I was there I came across a weird looking dog.  At first I was not sure what it was so I used my big boy bark to scare it away.  It didn’t move so Julie came and moved it out of the way.

This week I went to see Julie with Red Toes. I decided that as I am now an expert with dogs of all shapes and sizes from the doggy park, I should make the effort to be friendly to this odd looking dog. Perhaps she needs a friend to play with and after all I only live next door.

When I arrived Dora was in the kitchen, so I wagged my tail and gave her a kiss. She didn’t like it much and ran away, so naturally I played chased. This is the first time that I have met a dog that is the same size as me so I  chased her out of the house, into the garden and back again to the hallway.

I pinned Dora down on the floor and used my teeth to play with her, which are still growing by the way. I play this game with Red Toes, thankfully Dora didn’t squeal like Red Toes does when I nip her with my teeth.

Dora’s hair is very different to mine, it is not as soft and her ears are really long, they almost touch the floor. I don’t know why Dora’s tail doesn’t wag like my tail or like my beautiful Rosie’s tail, it is very strange. Even when I play chase her tail bobs up and down it is brown on the top and white on the bottom.

I chased and chased her but she never chased me back. I don’t know why. Although she never chased me I liked playing with Dora. I think I have made another new friend in this wonderfully strange world.

Red Toes took a video of us playing.