I am in love!

She makes my heart sing, my tail wag and I am breathless when she chases me. Although I let her catch me very easily so she can lick my belly.

Her name is Rosie, she is a lot older and bigger than me because she is a Labradoodle. She is beautiful, full of energy and she smells amazing. I will follow her wherever she goes.

This has been the best week of my life. It started out very scary though and I had to use my big boy bark to set some rules.

Let me tell you, Red Toes put the lead on one day and we went for a walk round the block. I walked very fast because everything is so strange and noisy, we had not got very far then this Jack Russell came right up close to me. I screamed and screamed, I don’t know what she wanted but I didn’t like it one bit!  Red Toes picked me up and then, wait for it…stroked the Jack Russell then let her sniff me. I was trying to wiggle out into Red Toes hair but she held me firm. I was terrified. I could tell Red Toes was a bit worried so she held me for a while giving big cuddles. Boy it was scary.

The next day something unbelievable happened. Red Toes put me in the car machine we drove not for long and then she lifted me into this place of green, long grass, buttercups, cowslip and lovely, lovely smells. We right away met other humans and I was so excited to meet them I didn’t realise that they had 3 dogs.

The dogs started to chase me and I ran into the bushes and used my big boy bark to scare them off. I was a bit worried so I stayed close to Red Toes but chased the other dogs a bit. The next day I met Dodge, Tommy and Daisy again, this time I was brave I chased them more and they chased me. Daisy let me sniff her all over.

Red Toes has been taking me every day to the park and I love it. I have met George, a Westie he is a bit bigger than me but also small, we played rolling together. I met Chunk a large German Shepherd, I like Chunk he got down on the floor so I could sniff him because he is too big otherwise. I liked chasing Chunk.  Then we met Remmy and Lemon, I like Lemon but Remmy is too fast for me he is a Whippet.

One day we couldn’t see anyone in the park so Red Toes got the ball for me to chase, I chased and chased until I was out of puff. Once and out of nowhere Remmy appeared and took my ball, we had to go back to get it off Remmy’s human.

Then it happened. We had just arrived when this beauty appeared before me, she sniffed me, I sniffed her and then we played chase and rolling, she is so fast. When she runs it is majestic.

Rosie my Rosie…aah I dream of my Rosie. Until we meet again.

The Dog Park