This afternoon I am sitting on a towel in my back garden lazing in the summer sun. Why the towel? I can’t seem to locate the one sun lounger that I do possess, I checked the shed and under the stairs but it is not to be found.  It wasn’t until I plonked my backside down on the towel that I realised that it is probably in the loft. Still it seems too much effort to bother with that now.

Today is the perfect lazy sunshine day. Starting with a walk in the park with a large German Shepherd called Chunk to whom Benji took a shine, despite his large size. This was very surprising to me as he screamed when he met his first dog (a small Jack Russell) only 5 days ago. He has come a long way in a week that’s for sure.

It started me thinking about us growing up. I remember summers were so long when we were kids, we seemed to pack in so many activities in from dawn to dusk.

Of course these were to the days when being brown as a berry wasn’t a crime, swinging over a stream on a rope delicately balanced between 2 branches, that god knows who put there, was something to be done every day and dares separated the wheat from the chaff.

Winning was winning and not everyone got a prize for competing. Is this where I get my competitive spirit from? Perhaps so, this does not mean that I am ruthless, merciless and aggressive in a dog-eat-dog kind of way. It does mean that I just want to be the best that I can possible be, in any given thing…but I do mean any given thing. I am just bred that way.

I grew up in a small village surrounded by fields, streams and animals in every direction. Just as I love the outdoors now, I especially loved being out when I was young we would all congregate at the bus stop to decide what the adventures of the day would bring and which direction we would head. This would sometimes involve going back home to get essential supplies like bread, apples, swimmers, towels etc, more often than not we adventured unprepared for the day.  Off we would trot, not to return until late afternoon soaking wet with half a field in our hair.

In a way I feel the last 12 months has brought me back to a more carefree and relaxed person.  It has given me the time to enjoy life, my friends and family.

Of course I have responsibilities, unlike my 12-year-old self but nothing surely should stop us from Dancing in the field with Flowers in our hair!

3 summer flowers