I know I am late with my blog but this week has been so exciting I cannot stop running and jumping for long enough to give an update.

We started off the week by going in the big car machine, I was very scared and chatted all the way as the car rocked and hummed “I don’t like it, please I don’t like it” I said.

We didn’t go very far and then I had to put on my lead and walk. I kept getting all tangled with my legs and lead. Luckily Red Toes unhooked the lead. Then I saw a lovely lady she smelled good. I had to get on a big table, Red Toes said I had a jab..what ever that is, I was too busy eating the treats the nice lady gave me to notice. I have put on a whole kilo which is apparently good I am now 2.29 kilos.

Red Toes told me this week to use my big voice to let her know when I need something. I have been practicing this a lot. I like to talk to her when she is washing up, so she stops and takes me all the way down to the garden to “do my business”.

One day we got in the big car machine again. I didn’t like it much so I jumped on Red Toes lap. I liked that more, as Red Toes gave me a cuddle and I could see a bit out of the window. When the machine stopped, we put my lead on and we went into a shop for dogs.

It was amazing. Everyone said “Hello Benji” and I wagged my tail very hard. The shop smelled of food and animals.  I saw another dog, he smelled my bum which I told him “that’s rude” and jumped out of his way. There was a little human with pink wellies on, she smelt good. I put my nose on her leg and she giggled, so I wagged my tail for her.

We then got back into the car machine and went to visit Grandma and Grandpa. They have a lovely garden with lots of flowers, it is much bigger than our garden.

We put on my lead and went for my first walk in the big outdoors and not my garden…wow. There are lots of smells and things to see. The path felt very strange at first as I have only played on grass before. I was so excited and walked fast.  I smelled other dogs, human smells and picked up leaves oh the smells. It made me so happy, that was until a car came and I got a bit scared. I put my bum down and would not move until it had properly gone. I slept the whole way home in the car machine. I was exhausted.

Yesterday on my walk my back legs fell in a drain, Red Toes was laughing a lot. It wasn’t really funny. Today I went down steps for the first time, she is very proud of me, so she gave me a biscuit.

Benji Mat
“I’ve told you before, this mat looks much better in the hallway”

PS – Red Toes now has blue toes, this was a bit confusing at first but she smells the same so that is good.