This week is about doors, I have been going through the big doors to the outside world. It is so exciting. In my last home I never went outside.

I am also learning a lot of things about Red Toes, I like Red Toes I follow her everywhere.

One day Red Toes was really upset with me and didn’t like it much when I “did my business” in the living room. I sat on the back of her legs as normal when she is cleaning, but she put me in the kitchen and closed the door. It wasn’t even time for bed.

The next day a big box arrived and Red Toes polished the floor with a new smell. I am not sure I like it too much. Red Toes seems much happier since the new smell arrived.

We have been spending a lot of time in the garden. I have go through the downstairs big doors. I have to jump onto the decking, this was very scary at first but now I can go in and out on my own.

I love our garden it has, grass, a fence, steps and vegetables. I have tried to chew the leaves but Red Toes says they are not for puppies. So instead I  am making a collection of pebbles and leaves and bring them in the house for later.

We have gaps in our fence, so when our neighbour comes, I can poke my head through the gap to say “Hello” and wag my tail. I have discovered that if I wriggle a bit I can get through the gap to see our neighbour, Red Toes gets scared when I do this and makes me go back.

My favourite game is chasing the rope ball. It is a ball with rope for hair, not like Red Toes hair which smells nice when she gives me a cuddle. When we play fetch I get as low as I can to the ground and slowly creep up, when I get close enough, I pounce as far as I can so it doesn’t get away from me.

When Red Toes is at work a lady comes to feed me, she is very nice.

One day I put on my lead and went for a walk through the upstairs big door to visit her at her house. She has a dog called Bailey, Red Toes had to hold me as I am not allowed to meet other dogs yet. Bailey is almost as big as Red Toes when he stands up.  I used my big boy bark to tell him “Get off my Red Toes”.

I also went to see the nice people at Oxfam. I especially liked the nice lady that let me sit on her lap, she tickled me all over so I wagged my tail a lot to say thank you.  I didn’t want to leave as outside was very noisy, lots of strange smells and I was a bit scared. Thankfully Red Toes carried me most of the way so I felt safe in her arms.

I have had a very exciting week with lots of new experiences. Next week Red Toes says I am going to the vet, I hope that is exciting too.