I tried very hard to get out. I had my paws on the top of the box and I was pushing my backside up as hard as I could, but I just couldn’t get out. A great big hand kept scooping me back every time I make some headway. I chatted the whole way “I need to get out, you have forgotten my mum, brother and sisters.”

The hand doesn’t seem to understand what I am saying.

“Whoa,” I am sliding across the box. “I don’t like this” I say.

The humming noise is hurting my ears and this is not classical music I can hear. Most importantly why can’t I sit still, I am sliding without moving. The music has stopped that is better.

My name is Benji. I came to live in a new house this week.

Everything smells different and where is everyone else?

I have a new collar instead of the black one I got a few weeks ago. Oh she has clipped something on it. “What’s this”, I never seen this before. “Whoa, why is she pulling me? “I frantically put my strength in my back paws but I am sliding on my bum. “Is this a new game? I’m not sure I like it.”

I have a big bed and a toy dog that is as big as me. I can carry him in my mouth.

My new owner has red toes, I follow the red toes everywhere. Sometimes I weave in and out of the legs which is feels like a good game but sometimes I get kicked by the legs when they are moving.

One day she made made very hungry, she only gave me 15 biscuits for each meal. I was starving by the end of the day. The next day she gave me 30 biscuits and I couldn’t eat it all. Thankfully I seem to have the right amount of food now.

I like sitting on the back of her legs, when she is kneeling on the floor although I am not sure why she keeps polishing the floor with a lemony smell, it happens every time I go for a pee. Unless I am in the garden and then when I pee I get a biscuit. I like biscuits.

We have a new game called fetch, I chase the big blue wheel across the floor, if I bring it back correctly, I get a biscuit. I like biscuits.

I have also learnt to do sit, I can’t do it every time as the floor is very slippy but when I do it right, I get a biscuit. I like biscuits.

I am trying to be as helpful as I can, I help to untie shoe laces, I can pull them with my mouth and waggle my head and the laces come free. I then take the sock to my bed so it is out of the way. Hmm…I don’t get any biscuits.