What a wonderful week we have had on the south coast of the UK. Despite there being snow in the north we have some glorious weather in between the rain showers. I realised last night that my cheeks have taken on a rosy glow thanks to all the walks and the great outdoors in this spectacular Dorset region.

But why do your cheeks go rosy from being outside?

Scientists at St Andrews University in Scotland have shown that people believe a ‘rosy’ complexion denotes healthiness. Good health and fitness is associated with increased blood flow to the skin where as a lack of oxygen in the blood can give a blue tint to skin indicative of ill health.

Professor Dave Perrett, head of the perception lab, added: “In our evaluation all thought that bright red blood with lots of oxygen looked healthier.”

“People who are physically fit or have higher levels of sex hormones have more of these blood vessels and flush easier than people who are unhealthy, unfit or elderly.

Since your attractiveness relies on how healthy you look, you might be able to make yourself more attractive by being kind to your heart and lungs in doing more exercise or quitting smoking.”

So it is official, the great outdoors is great for heart, lungs and attractiveness to others.

I have enjoyed the Dorset walks so much, I am looking forward to my new pup Benji having big enough legs to go out to walk every day. Here in the Cotswold’s we have so many walking trails to explore.

I recently went out with Oxon Weekend Walkers to complete some trails around the county. I thoroughly recommend joining one of these groups, their walks are led by someone who knows the route and has completed a recce walk to ensure the path is clear.

Not only are you keeping yourself fit and healthy but you meet a whole gang of interesting people that you possible would not have come across otherwise.

Check out the Ramblers or google walking groups near you and bit the bullet, get your rosy cheeks too!

If you haven’t been to Dorset, here is a taster of some of the stunning sites.

Wareham Church, Wareham Quay, Durdle Door Arch and Coastline
Lulworth Castle, Lulworth Cove and the white limestone cliffs
Old Harry, Swanage, Corfe Castle, Bluebells are everywhere