Last week I received a message from Gerry Thompson about 10 steps to success.

I first met Gerry back in mid-2000’s. Gerry runs a company called Positive Comedy. After meeting him I realised that I could really use some of the skills that stars on the comedy circuit use to enhance the way the trainers interact with their audiences.

We set about preparing some training that would

  • Develop confidence and creative self-expression
  • Improve our presentation skills
  • Warm us to the audiences
  • Be able to deal with hecklers
  • Start the base of improvising skills

We used ‘scenario’ training methodology that allowed a flexible improvisational approach. I found that this was a great learning tool to enhance your creativity and provides a platform for being able to handle any scenario that is problematic or challenging.

I vividly remember this training, we had an absolute ball. It was a bit scary at first allowing yourself to free style the scenario but throughout the day you saw everyone’s confidence grow and we felt capable to handle anything.

So when Gerry sent me 10 steps to success, I thought I had better listen. Here are his well advised tips to being successful

  1. Have a clear vision and objective
  2. Be committed – be prepared to work hard.
  3. Be persistent – nothing good comes easy
  4. Be flexible and Adaptable – things are always changing, we need to move with the changes
  5. Keep on learning
  6. Believe in yourself and your capabilities – challenge any negative thoughts
  7. Keep an eye out for new opportunities
  8. Engage with others – stay in touch with successful people
  9. What goes around, comes around – help others and build alliances
  10. Be your real self, be daring. Life is to short.

It is always good to have a reminder sometimes we forget the basics.

“Constantly strive to seize new opportunities, but make sure you stay true to your own DNA and own values.” Arianna Huffington.

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