This weekend was full of emotions and I had to give myself quite a good talking too.

  1. It was 3 years ago that Rooney and I landed in the UK. All set for a new and exciting life in the UK. Time has really flown, lots of things have changed. When I hit dates like this that are significant to our history it brings his loss back to the surface.
  2. I have been working too hard. I realised I didn’t quit work to change the old office for a new set of four walls that are restricting me.

While I cannot do anything about No 1 I certainly can fix No 2. I have been exhausting myself with my very strict routine over the last few weeks. How to fit everything in that I need to do and pushing, pushing my working hours to a never ending limit.

This weekend was a time of reflection, I needed to remind myself what on earth I am doing. I appear to have wandered off track of the lifestyle change that I so desperately want to implement.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my travels it always gives me a sense fulfillment and happiness, learning about different countries and cultures. Now that I have come home I have restricted the freedom that those travel periods gave me.

Yes, I want to start my own business. Yes, I want it to be successful, but I do not need to put so much pressure on myself to get things done.

I have lost my rhythm, lost control of my workflow and balance. I just needed reminding – what I want to achieve and in the manner I want to achieve it.

Who needs four walls and a desk to successfully operate these days?  There is WiFi everywhere. So why do I need to sit in my home office for 10 plus hours a day when I can work from anywhere I like?

Having the ability to work remotely has huge benefits. Many companies are now encouraging staff to create their own working environment. Apart from making you more focused and productive there are health benefits associated with it.

  • Working day is shorter as staff are not negotiating traffic twice a day
  • Less stress associated with work
  • Better work / Life balance
  • Working hours are more flexible, if you want to break to go swimming or to yoga you can do it

With the arrival of spring, I now have a new revitalized perspective on my direction along with a promise not to beat myself up with extensive pressure to work x number of hours a day.

My new Spring business rules:

  • Remember that finding the rhythm and routine may take time
  • Find places outside of the home office that I can work remotely for different influences and environments
  • Remain focused on my business and personal goals
  • Make time for myself

Work doesn’t mean we have to be stuck within 4 walls in a office !