Sunday was officially the first day of spring or otherwise known as Vernal Equinox.  Being the scrooge that I am, I followed the Stretton tradition and adjusted the heating to an almost off position.

After all that’s what jumpers are for; aren’t they Dad!

Vernal Equinox is the start of the daffodils, lambing season, warm weather, Easter is coming which of course means – holidays from work. What a blessing. We have already had sunshine for 2 days and it is set to continue until Easter Friday when of course as per tradition it will be cloudy with rain until Easter Monday is over.

Vernal Equinox is point when the length of our days and night are equal. This signifies that change is coming from long nights and short days to glorious long summer days and shorter nights.


What I didn’t know was there are several weird and wonderful traditions that should be completed in order to celebrate Vernal Equinox

  1. Balance an Egg – An ancient Chinese tradition calls for balancing eggs, a symbol of fertility, on the day of the March Equinox for good luck and prosperity.
  2. Throw coloured powder at your friends. Holi is an ancient Hindu festival celebrating the victory of good over evil. Known as the “festival of colours”, it is celebrated by tossing vibrant coloured powders onto each other and dancing in the streets.
  3. Wear a Shamrock – The shamrock is thought to be symbolic of the regenerative powers of nature.
  4. In Italy women plant seed in the garden of Adonis to symbolise rebirth, renewal, and growth.
  5. Several of the world’s most recognised monuments were built as astrological calendars, to map the movement of the Sun over the course of the year. Equinox is a perfect time to visit to make the most of the sun’s unique position.

I am sure if I threw coloured powder at the locals, I would be making the wrong sort of news headline.

One tradition I did follow which started ten years ago in Sydney is following the World Wide Fund for nature 60 minutes Earth Hour lights off. Their campaign goes from strength to strength and this year 178 Countries participated, over 7000 cities all to make a statement for the call for climate change.

Although the event is a symbolic action it is there to encourage individuals, businesses and governments to take action on their carbon footprint. The more the issue is discussed the better the awareness of environmental the stronger our chances of making an impact.

Tower of London
Courtsey of WWF Earth Hour images

I am happy that I supported this campaign again. I actually found it quite relaxing to be sitting in candle light and of course I am now wearing big jumpers as the heating is off! If you didn’t join the campaign this year, make sure you jot it on the calendar for 2017.

More importantly Winter is gone; Spring is here:

I wasn't made for Winter