Ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day and not enough sleep at night?

This has been my position for the last few weeks. I certainly feel that the ‘totally chilled out’ girl that came back from Australia is starting to frazzle.

As most of you are aware I am in the process of setting up my own business, studying freelance journalism and have a little part time number looking after Perennials, Alpines and a word I learnt today Trachelospermum Jasminoides, which is a rather stunning flowering arch. 

I certainly have a lot on my plate and I am trying to fit work around everything else, which really is the way it should be. Work is a means to an end. That end is enjoying life !

Now I am a girl that likes a bit of order and routine in the day and have been quite religious with my routine to ensure that I remain Afraid of the sofa. Nothing has changed since I started work, just that this is now added into my day and I find I just have less time to relax.

What has been bothering me is that over the last few weeks that I am awake at precisely 4:20 every morning, unable to get back to sleep. I think either my body is in shock of having to…work or there is something else amiss.

I did some investigation and came across a really interesting tool that has been around in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries and is now used in Kinesiology therapies.

In Chinese Medicine there are 14 meridian energy flows (you may have heard of Qi/Ch’i which sustains life).  12 of the energy flows sit within the 24 hour clock. All are constantly flowing with energy from your environment and penetrating your body through your skin, central nervous system and organs.

Each energy has a two hour period where they are the primary meridian. Each meridian is linked to particular parts of the body, mechanisms of the body, thoughts, emotions, colour, sound, seasons and other spiritual aspects.

They’re also partnered together as Yin (receiving energy) and Yang (expressing energy) of an element – Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire.



To use the clock, you check the time that you are awake. So in my example I am awake 4 am so this relates to the Lung Meridian. Don’t worry – it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with my lung, it’s just the lung is the primary meridian.

When the energy of a meridian e.g Lung is not flowing well due to a blockage (like stress), you’ll find that you’ll experience a sign or symptom from the meridian(s) involved.

So when waking up in the night at the same time, or becoming exhausted at 3:30 in the afternoon, you can look at the meridian at work and identify what may be happening in your life.

Here’s a list of the basic emotions of each element (the ring below the meridians).

  • Earth – Empathy, sympathy, balanced giving and receiving
  • Metal – Grief and loss
  • Water – Fear and anxiety
  • Wood – Anger, frustration and resentment
  • Fire – Love, hate and joy

Lung is my primary meridian which is tied to Metal – this is a symptom of Grief or Loss.

As you know we lost our beautiful Granny Alice on the day I arrived back from Australia. We had a wonderful service last week to put her to rest and I even managed to recite her favourite poem Dancing with Daffodils.

Instead of throwing myself into a lot of things and running from one task to another, perhaps I need to take a step back and just take the time to grieve the loss!

The body is a truly amazing tool !