This week saw me start day one of a little part time job. I managed this without the aid of the helpful people at the recruitment agencies by the way. Where I live, it is still a matter of who you know not what you know.

Although I certainly will not be getting rich with this new venture but it will provide something towards covering the mortgage, while I toil away on my own business plan. Still can’t afford to eat but I guess we can’t can’t have it all!

The thing that I liked most about this role is that I won’t be necessarily tied to a desk. It is a mixture of administration and working outdoors with plants and trees. So now I am in the midst of learning a whole bunch of new terminology without too much of a clue.

Perennial – A perennial plant or simply perennial is a plant that lives for more than two years. The term is often used to differentiate a plant from shorter-lived annuals and biennials.


Hebe – Hebe is a genus of plants native to New Zealand, Rapa in French Polynesia, the Falkland Islands, and South America. It includes about 90 species and is the largest plant genus in New Zealand.


What is the difference between clematis, roses, wisteria and honeysuckle? 

It is so strange being the new girl, it has been such a long time since I experienced this. So used to people knowing who I am, what my capabilities are and what the order of priorities is, who to go to for advise. It is extremely daunting being surround by new terminology, systems, people, and customers I have never heard off. It is definitely going to be a learning curve and will provide some challenges on my part.

That said luckily they started me off on the admin side where I felt a bit more at home. Although they have an e-mail system where you can’t file away the mails when you have completed the action. Not sure my OCD of Do, Delete or Delegate is going to cope with that for very long.

I successfully managed to navigate around their stock system, produce an invoice for a trade customer. As well as editing the stock without having to get signatures of multiple people.  Now that is going to take a while to get used to!

I am sure like all businesses they have their little quirks and nuances. I am looking forward to getting stuck in and learning about garden design, plants and their working style and ethics.

Looking forward to continuing the learning curve and getting down and dirty in the potting tunnel next week!