While I had flown in and out of Adelaide quite quickly in the past for work, when I stepped off the plane in January I was not sure what the state of South Australia really had to offer. Nor did I understand why anyone would want to spend any time here, I guess no one had ever taken the time to explain.

The extreme wilderness of the Flinders ranges, a vast arid land described by early settlers as “Red Lofty Ranges with a barren and miserable plain” the never ending roads that you need to drive to get there where the heat is almost unbearable but not quite as unbearable as the flies which insist on assaulting every orifice that is available (ears, nose and mouth). Despite the above this area is a must see to understand SA and their history with the Aboriginals and the European settlers to the region. We stayed in the Rawnsley Station campsite, close to Wilpena pound. My best tip would be to go in winter, less heat and less flies either that or be prepared to dress like Omar Sharif to protect yourself from the flies.


The beauty and wilderness of Kangaroo Island, known for its diverse wildlife and nature reserves, including Flinders Chase National Park and its kangaroos, wallabies, koalas and many bird species.  The rugged coastlines lined by the sheer cliffs of the Great Australian Bight, the Leafy Sea Dragon, the Great White Sharks.


Despite the rumours that nothing ever happens in Adelaide I have found it to be a great base. The city is easy to get around with buses, trams all within easy reach. The Museum of South Australia and Art Gallery are both free entry so make it an easy decision for tourists to visit.

Every weekend there is some sort of festival to explore, so I think that if you want something to do, it is easy to find it. From taking long lunches in the Wine Regions, going to a Comedy Festivals, Scuba Diving for Leafy Sea Dragons, Hiking in the Adelaide Hills, Moonlight Cinemas and a beautiful Botanic garden. Adelaide does have a lot to offer.


I had a great time in South Australia.  You never known I may be back, but for now I have to hop towards the next adventure.