As most of you will know I love nothing better than the peace and quiet of listening to the fishes and moving with the current 30 meters under the water.  On every trip I try to get an opportunity to scuba dive if possible. Being here in South Australia is no different.

Of course we all know the Great Barrier reef is the place to be when in Australia, been there, done that and quite honestly Red Sea has it all in abundance. When I planned my trip to this region my first though was all about the great white sharks and Port Lincoln which is well known for cage diving with these magnificent creatures. After having several heart attacks with the cost associated I decided to approach Diving Adelaide to see what they have to offer.

Rapid Bay is known for its imposing cliffs, caves, beach, two jetties and artificial reefs. A leafy sea-dragon population inhabits the bay and it is considered to be one of Australia’s premiere scuba diving sites and has been featured in SportDiver as one of the world’s top 9 dives. Definitely a place worth adding to the list of must see dive sites then.

I met with Shelly at the dive center to be kitted out with all the necessary equipment and sign the liability forms etc. We were joined in the hunt by American’s Chad and Tracy on holiday from Hong Kong.

After 1.5 hour drive with a stop at the Yankalilla Bakery for a sandwich and a cup of hot chocolate we finally arrived at the Rapid Bay Jetty and got kitted up in the sweltering heat.

Just as we entered the water a leather back turtle came up to greet us and I knew it was going to be a wonderful day. Unfortunately I was not quick enough with the Gopro to snap the turtle. Excited by our first sighting of the day we swam directly under the old jetty and the hunt was on.

I was pleasantly surprised by the colours and varied sea life that we found. We found lots of Cuttle fish including a baby hidden under a rock. Nudibranchs, Jelly Fish, Eagle Ray (too far away for the Go pro), fish a plenty gathered in large shoals around the old jetty T section called the gallery.

To top the day off we found 3 leafy sea dragons during the course of the dives. It was a hugely enjoyable day and was far better than expected.

Thank you to Shelley and the team at Diving Adelaide for your hospitality.  Great Day.

Rapid Bay 1Rapid Bay 2Rapid Bay 3