It is reported by many climbers that they have the most lucid and vivid dreams while at altitude. I read that one climber was woken by his buddy during the night because he was snogging his shoulder. Luckily his friend was very understanding.

As you may know I recently went to the Himalayas for a community project and trek to the Annapurna region. While I was spending time high in the clouds there were several altitude dreams surrounding the number seven that became a topic of conversation. So now that my feet are firmly back on the ground I thought I would investigate.

Dream 1:

I was invited by one of my group members’ home for a visit. When I arrived I was told that his wife (none in real life) had gone and I must look after his seven children. I was a raggedy version of Julie Andrews in the sound of music. My daily job was to sing to the children (god help them) Doe a Dear and align the children up for inspection by their father. Weirdly I knew all the words to Doe a dear in my dream.

If the children were not immaculate in dress and hair – damn those braids, I was locked in the shed to peel the potatoes (Aloo) for supper. My banishing to the shed occurred daily until one of the Himalayan guides eventually rescued me. Only after my hands were completely  arthritic and claw like.

Dream 2:

I was buying a business, I was so excited. The business was arranging adventure sports activities for customers. Sky Diving, Scuba Diving, Abseiling, Paragliding, Jet Ski you name it we had it on the activity menu. I interviewed all the staff about the business, I did a lot of research and was about to jump out of a plane when I was told I was seven months pregnant – all of a sudden.

Dream 3:

I was getting married to Lenny Kravitz (this is the 2nd time I have married him in a dream by the way). I had forgotten to invite my trekking buddy to the wedding, so she turned up to my hen party raging drunk. After covering my silk shirt with blood, she kidnapped me and one of the other trekkers. We were taken to a camp were we slept seven to a cot. We were whipped daily until I managed to find Bear Grylls who taught us how to create a poison with berries, which we duly slipped into her vodka and escaped.

I was seriously staring to wonder about my mental state by this stage but thankfully we then started to descend the mountain and the dreams subsided.

For those of you that are not aware, being at altitude and having reduced oxygen levels can affect not just your breathing but your sleep efficiency. Cycles of REM sleep while are reduced in depth, occur quicker.  Medics believe this a key reason why we can recall our dreams in such detail and so much more real.

Curious as ever, I felt the need to explore why the number seven appeared in all 3 dreams. After all they say coincidence is a a plan in disguise. According to Numerology experts the number seven in dreams indicates a path of Spiritual Enlightenment.

  • Repeating seven’s suggest that ambitions will be realized and all obstacles will be overcome with strength in the very near future.
  • Seven is an extremely positive sign and suggest self-satisfaction, inner joy and blessings.
  • This number also suggests healing and spiritual knowledge. It suggests the need to pay attention to your intuition and that you continue growing spiritually towards enlightenment.

Let’s hope this is a good omen for the coming 12 months!