Or is this the January Blues?

For some reason I just cannot seem to get motivated this week. Christmas was wonderful and of course just like everyone else I managed to consume a huge amount of food and for once not too much wine.

When I say I’m not motivated that is not entirely true, so far this week since Sunday I have

  • Swam 10600 metres
  • 5 Aerobic Sessions
  • Cleaned the House top to bottom
  • Written a contract for a house sitter
  • Written an Information Pack for the house sitter
  • Organised various items for the Oz trip
  • 2 Blogs
  • Organised my papers

The list goes on! The one thing that I cannot seem to be motivated with is “work”.

Of course, we all know that I do not have anything that quite resembles the word “work” in the same way that you all do, but right now I seem to be stuck in moving forward with my master plan of building a business for 2016.

January is commonly associated with people feeling the Blues, I totally get it.

  1. Cold, wet and dreary and I can certainly vouch for that. Since I returned from the Nepalese sunshine there has been nothing but rain.
  2. Everyone  including me has jumped on the scales and their heart has started to race with terror at the digits that are flashing before their eyes.
  3. We all place pressure on ourselves to be bigger and better than we were the year before.

So how do we avoid the January blues, as well as avoiding doing the things that know we have to get round to doing?

My recommendation is to plan all the fun things that are coming up in the year ahead so it provides you with the inspiration to get stuck into the tasks ahead.

Here is my list for the months ahead:

  1. January – Kangaroo Island, Australia
  2. February – Diving for Leafy Sea Dragons in Adelaide
  3. March – Finally doing the longest zip wire in the Northern Hemisphere in Snowdonia.
  4. April – My cousin is getting married so off to Dorset for a few days
  5. May – Doing some research on Sperm Whales and Dolphins – fingers crossed
  6. June – Big party celebrations my Dad’s Birthday
  7. July – Suzanne is getting married
  8. August –  It summer, festivals, village fetes and being outdoor
  9. September – Girls holiday

I only got as far as September and I am already excited about the year ahead. Go create your list now and build yourself some inspiration.

So my biggest tip for January is don’t be blue, take the time to relax a bit, it is going to be a busy year ahead!

Feet Up