One night on a business trip, some colleagues, after a tiresome working day decided to have a few drinks at the hotel bar to relax.  After long discussions, a few drinks turned into many and in the wee small hours Jenny stumbled exhausted to her hotel room to finally put her head to rest.

Before getting into bed she hung up her clothes in the wardrobe ready for the morning, brushed her teeth and rolled into bed.

Jenny awoke to find a man snoring on the next bed and someone in the shower. ‘What the hell are you doing’ she screams.  She continues to scream ahs and oh my gods at the top of her lungs until a naked man races out of the bathroom holding the smallest towel over his private parts.

‘What are you doing in my room’ she demanded pulling the sheets up around her naked body.

The semi-naked man started to stammer as he announced ‘this is our room, you are in our room’.  “I don’t believe you” Jenny declares.  Wrapping the sheet around her body she marches over to the closet to find male suit jackets and trousers hanging.  Still not convinced that they have not snuck into her room in the middle of the night, she stomps to the bathroom to check for her toiletries.  “Where is my stuff, where’s my stuff” she says feeling sick with worry.

Turning around she says “Where am I, how did I get here?” as she starts to feel dizzy from the effects of last night’s alcohol.

Smiling the snorer guides her to a seat and introduces the accused room invaders.  “We arrived last night and had a few drinks in the bar but left early to get a good night sleep”.

“We were woken up by thunderously loud knocking on the door around 2am.  We thought there was a fire or another type of emergency” he grins.

“I opened the door to find you standing completely naked in our doorway.  I didn’t know what to think”.  “I said hello but I didn’t get a response”.

He nods at his friend “I called him over to the door, we tried to talk to you but you barged right into the room and hopped straight into my bed”.

“Oh my god” says Jenny as she hangs her head in the complete shame of it all. “I walked the corridor like this, did anyone see me”?

“We don’t know” says the semi-naked man, now wearing a more appropriately sized towel. “We tried to find your name and your room number”   “We called reception and told them a naked sleep walking woman just walked into our room”.  “The only response we received was lucky you but without a name we didn’t know which room to take you back to”.

The snorer said “we stood at the end of the room deliberating what to do for the best”.  “We decided that we should leave you to sleep, so we bunked up together”.

“I’m so sorry” says Jenny.  “I can’t apologise enough, I’m so embarrassed” she groans.  “So what room are you in” she asks?

“116” say semi-naked.

“But that’s not possible” wails Jenny starting to feel the tears build in her eyes. “I was in room 426”.

Another “Oh my god” pops from her mouth as she comes to the realisation that she has not walked the corridor but has actually travelled naked from the fourth floor of the hotel to the first floor rooms.

Apologising profusely and sheet firmly wrapped around her nakedness, she thanked the snorer and semi-naked guy’s for their help and ran back to her room via the lift.  Keeping fingers and toes crossed that she did not meet anyone along the way.

This is based on a true story, but no matter how many times I think about this, it makes me smile so is a great start to the new year to share some good stories. There are two things that I now do in hotel rooms across the world.  One, I never sleep naked, unless I’m with someone that can look out for me.  Two, put the latch on the door just in case…….