Perhaps I shouldn’t be so blasé about travel? I guess that travelling for a living can do that to you.

24 hours to go before departing for Nepal I am pretty sure that most of my comrades will be packed and yet I have still to fully go through the checklist of items that are essential to bring.

First order of the day was to go through said checklist and find the items…must be in the house somewhere. Drawers were flung open, items strewn across the bedroom floor and piles were built in my office so that the packing dilemma could start all over again.

With most of the items found, socks and trekking poles were placed on my shopping list and off to Millets I went to collect. Now I don’t usually trek with poles but seeing as my knees are being held together with gaffa tape it seems like a good idea to have some extra support on those downhill parts of the mountain.

Shops closed and as I was paying for the car park I look down at my air trekking boots and wonder if/how waterproof they will be in showy conditions after all they have holes to let the air in..umm? I race home to review the instructions on the checklist. Yes, leather boots for snow conditions required. No need to panic, I will just have to use my old boots that I took to Nepal last time.

Storage cupboard ransacked and boots located, they look a bit moldy, bit of a scrub and they’ll be right. As I am washing the first boot, my brother pulls the second boot out of the box and says “how you gonna trek in that”? I turn to see the heel of the boot flapping in the wind.

Panic on! It appears that Rooney had chewed through the sole of the boot and the whole darn thing was hanging off. “Can we glue it”? I say. Matthew looks at the shoe, then at me knowing I have now lost the plot. Not going to work.

Thankfully my mum has leather boots, hopefully they will fit.

I woke this morning unable to locate my phone. I had to use my iPad locate iPhone functionality to identify where the phone was…err in my house was the answer. I ransacked the whole house to discover that the phone was under my pillow. I really get the sense that I am totally unorganised for this trip!

Mum arrived with the shoes and happy to say that they fit, so that is one thing less to worry about.

Anyway I made it to Heathrow, thanks to mum and dad! So finally ready…ish.

3rd problem arrived when landing in Istanbul. I am landing as my next flight is boarding?? I am pretty sure that I will make the flight…but what about the bag of now valuable and cannot do without trekking gear. I waited for a very tense 1.5 hours at the baggage carousel at Kathmandu. The only thing that was consoling me was that a lot of other passengers were also pending baggage. Then by some miracle a purple samsonite came round the bend that was mine.

Happy to get here in one piece and excited to see what Nepal has to offer on this occasion!