I am not sure when you will next hear from me ! Today I am taking a trip back to Nepal. Unlike my first trip to Everest which was driven by a shear dogmatic determination to get as high in the world as I physically could. This trip is driven by several key factors

  1. Give something back to the people of Nepal after the earthquake
  2. Gain good experiences and meet new people
  3. Explore another part of this amazing country

When I was nearing the end of my South African adventure I read that the paths in the Himalayas had finally opened after the earthquake. There was a call out for all trekkers to revisit the area and help the villages and towns that are off the beaten track. They need finances to help them rebuild.

So it is for this reason I am going on a community project to the village of Suspa Kshamawati in the Dolakha District (2500m) to help them rebuild their secondary school that was destroyed in the earthquake.

The World Expeditions Foundation, with the help of travellers from around the world, will focus on the construction of the main school building that includes laboratories, computer rooms, library and staffrooms.

My group of 17 is the first to arrive in the district on November 28th. The work being carried out in November and December 2015 will focus on establishing the foundations and ground floor structure of the main building. We will be located in a campsite a short walk from the school and the aim is to work between 6-8 hours a day to get the project up and running.

Hence the requirement to bring essential working man gloves and goggles and clothes that can be ruined.

The people in this area of Nepal are predominantly from the ethnic group called Thamis, and they face the challenge of limited access to education. It is estimated 78% of the population are illiterate, so the school is vital to the future of the area. The Kshamawati Higher Secondary School has 470 students enrolled from infant to year 12.

The World Expeditions Foundation has been assisting this school since 2013 with the construction of a residential hostel for the students. The hostel will allow students to reside at school during the week, having a positive impact on school attendance. The hostel was at the foundations stage when the earthquakes struck and was mostly left in tact. The school buildings however were flattened (see below).

Suspa School

Thankfully the trip will not be all work and I will get to complete a trek through Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges to round off the trip.

I know…….you are all definitely jealous !!

Speak to you just before Christmas unless the miracle of data cards and phone signals are all in working order across the country….but I doubt it. Photo’s and diary will come when I return.

Annapurna and Dhaulagiri