This week I decided to complete a UK tour to catch up with friends and family in the south of England. I started my journey down an old familiar route that I used to take daily, to my old place of work. I had a lovely Friday afternoon lunch with my ex work colleagues in one of the local haunts.  I really enjoyed our catch up, don’t forget that being retired is the best thing since sliced bread.   I highly recommend it!

After expanding my waistline with a 2 course meal I met up with one of my oldest friends Suzanne for a bridesmaid dress fitting. It was something close to torture attempting to squeeze my limbs in such petite dresses while still trying to look demure. Despite the pain and the realisation that I probably need to lose some kilos, it was great to while away the evening chatting about weddings, jobs and life in general.

Yep that pretty much covers my experience !
Yep that pretty much covers my experience !

Saturday morning and off to the relaxing charm of the Surrey countryside. Rachel & co has 2 new additions to the family (Max & Shelby) which are quite rightly causing some chaos. Having just completed their jabs, I enjoyed helping to take this pair out on their first walk through the woods. So full of excitement and tails were wagging in all directions.

Max & ShelbyNext a whopping great trek in the car all the way to Camborne in Cornwall to see my cousin Peter and his new wife Jackie. Peter kindly took the day off work to give me the guided tour of the southern most tip of the UK.

We started out in Porthleven, very picturesque village on the coast. Then Hells Mouth stunning coastline, St Ives beautiful town, great independent shops and found the time for a lovely homemade scone with Cornish clotted cream and jam.

On the way to St Michael’s Mount we bypassed Hayle in order to get the best Cornish pasty in the area, which we devoured while taking in the views of the mount and watching horses gallop across the sands. After lunch we set off passed Culdrose (naval base where my cousin works) and on to Falmouth for a well deserved Cornish Ale.

The following day was up early and off to the Eden project in search of some inspiration for  conservation projects that I may want to get involved in 2016. Particularly loved the rainforest Biome and how we can start to develop Bio Fuels on a greater scale. I still have some concerns on how the Bio plastics will act in the ocean, so need to do some more homework on that one.

An absolutely great trip, many many thanks to everyone who gave me a bed and fed me along the way. Love you all !

Portleven Lighthouse, Hells Mouth, St Ives Port and Town
Portleven Lighthouse, Hells Mouth, St Ives Port and Town
The eden project, St Michael's Mount, Items from the Eden Project
The eden project, St Michael’s Mount, Items from the Eden Project