The human body is an amazing and unique machine. The estimated average number of cells in the body is given as 37.2 trillion.

We often talk about “Trust your gut”. I feel that my gut is a great indicator, I use this when I meet people for the first time, to determine if people are being honest with me and in particular when I have a decision to make.

Your body is sending you messages, gut feelings, all the time. We don’t always need to understand them completely. We just need to act on them to ensure good health and happiness.

This mind-gut connection is not just metaphorical. Our brain and gut are connected by an extensive network of neurons, chemicals and hormones that constantly provide 2-way feedback about

  • How hungry we are
  • Whether or not we’re experiencing stress.
  • If we’ve ingested something that can cause us harm

We have all had that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach after doing something we shouldn’t. This is a vivid example of the brain-gut connection at work. You’re stressed and your tummy knows it—immediately.

Sometimes we push ourselves too hard, we set ourselves deadlines, challenges, we push past the pain barrier.  “No pain No gain”.  But what if the push is actually detrimental to our overall health?

Your body pays attention to what is going on physically as well as emotionally and is your best tool to communicate the actions you should take.

When your foot hurts, you give it a rub. Stomach ache? Rest your hands on your belly. Have you ever slept in the day and woken up the following day? Your body is telling you that it needs to repair itself from the exhaustion that we have caused it.

When we continually fail to respond to the messages, our body will cease to send them. This can cause us serious harm and we will be unable to react in time to stop an escalation of the problem.

I have been going to reflexology for several months with Julia Medhurst from Positive Reflections.  It is amazing the sensation you feel as you start to unwind to go to sleep.  Your whole body starts to tingle as the links between various nervous systems start to communicate in the way that they were designed to do so. This has shown me the importance of listening to my body.

How do we connect with the messages that our body is communicating in order to improve health and balance?

1. Slow down.

We cannot listen to our bodies when we we operating at full speed.  We need to practice taking time out.

2. Relax.

Sitting or lying down along with taking deep breaths allows our muscles and brain time to relax. When we are relaxed we can start to tune into our body.

Being in tune with your body has so many benefits for your general health and happiness. Don’t ignore the signs, get in tune now !