How do we make an impact or influence change? 

As part of the Nature’s Valley Trust beach clean up I wrote that that it all starts with participation from the community and education.  Change can only be effective if:

  • People are empowered and are working to take concrete action to protect the area.
  • People are educated on the choices that they make daily that impact the environment and they have understanding of local processes.
  • Engaging people in the solution
  • Promote good policies and follow up on their success or adjustments.

As many of you will know I have just returned from spending 2 months working for Nature’s Valley Trust in South Africa. At first I was not sure on how I fit in or how I could really make an impact within their organisation. After all I do not have a masters in anything let alone research and science.

When I hit my third week I discovered where my skill set could really make an impact. I saw an opportunity to increase the retention and interaction of children through building outdoor training classes complete with structure for learning with complete facilitator content and exercises. I set about to re-design and develop training material for the Adopt-a-Beach program for 2016.

This course now contains 7 outdoor hands on training sessions complete with practical activities to support the school curriculum.  This is a unique way to provide the next generation with skills and knowledge to support their schooling, local community and build a sustainable environment for the future.

Course Details



Of course nothing can change or influence a generation without funding. Our aim is to reach ensure that all Grade 7 children in the Plettenburg Bay area, will be able to attend without impacting the schools funding.





In order for me to get the project off the ground and delivered in 2016 we need to raise as much money as possible to enable us to collect and return the children from school and provide them with food during the outdoor experience.

I and Nature’s Valley Trust appreciate any donation that you could make to support this project.