I arrived home a week and half ago and to be honest everything seems very strange. Apart from the fact I am freezing cold and cannot get warm, I can have a shower without mosquitoes, make toast without checking for mice. Everything is out of sorts and it is causing me to be off balance.  Hence the lack of blogs, sorry folks.

Here are some of the things that are causing my equilibrium levels concern;

  1. My brother has taken up residence. Not that I have an issue with this it is just that the house now feels different from when I left.
  2. There is furniture that is not mine causing all sorts of “where is”, plus I can’t get to my underwear due to the sofa blocking the way – kinda inconvenient.
  3. No routine, I am a sucker for schedules and routines. I actually did not get out of bed for one whole day and had a marathon Sons of Anarchy session, I think I did 15 episodes – must be a record.
  4. Everyone is asking me questions that I can’t answer “what is next?”, “when are you getting a job?”

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In order to get back on track, I have been throwing all my energy into the house.  My dad and I have been busy;

  • Front decking all painted
  • All side fences painted
  • Side walls painted with masonry paint by my office
  • Underskirt of the house painted black
  • Front door cleaned
  • Gripper strips laid on the decking to avoid potential winter neck breaking slips on the wood.

The outside of the house is now in tiptop condition – thanks Dad! Only the decking by my office to be completed. I have been cleaning my way through all rooms ceilings to floor and now that my brother has removed the odour from the vacuum cleaner I will be whipping through the house tomorrow followed by mop and bucket.

It was my Nan that always taught me “clean house = clean mind“.  I don’t know about you but for me it really does work. I really do believe that when my house is in order I am ready to take on any new challenges or changes of circumstances. This is backed up by research to indicate that having a clean house has numerous benefits

  1. Happy hormones are released, you can find everything, so less stress.
  2. Throwing out the clutter is liberating.
  3. People who have cleaner homes are more active.
  4. It prevent allergies.
  5. Boost to mental health, research shows cleaning can reduce depression and Alzheimer’s disease.
  6. It is believed that people make better health choices when their home is clean by using more fresh fruit and veggies.
  7. It is easier to unwind at the end of the day knowing that everything is in order.

I am now ready to start planning for what is coming up next starting with

  • Training for Nepal trip in November
  • How to continue to enjoy my time, I started back at Oxfam this week and loved it, the people you meet can take you in all directions, I may have a potential writing opportunity in the pipeline.
  • Launching a campaign to raise some money for Nature’s Valley Trust for my Adopt a Beach project to ensure that they can collect the kids from the schools and provide lunches.
  • Outlining how I may earn some pennies in 2016.

If you need some liberation, energy and mood boosting, go get your scrub on. It’s good for you!