I have been glued to my book “The Element: How Finding your passion changes everything” by Ken Robinson.  Apart from a tentative plan to the Himalayas to help rebuild a school before I start a trek there is nothing but a blank page for the future.

The below has become my new mantra in an effort to understand what to do with the rest of my life.

  1. Aptitude and Passion
  2. Attitude and Opportunity
  3. “I get it, I love it, I want it, where is it?”

Many people describe a passion as being “lost in the moment” or “in the zone”. When we are doing something we love and have the aptitude, there is a natural energy and everything feels as though it is harmoniously in order. Time stands still, we don’t notice it at all – it is freedom!

Activities we love can fill us with energy despite being physically exhausted. I experience this when swimming but also through periods of writing. I remember losing track of hours writing training material.

The book talks about Finding your Tribe. This is “like minded” people who can validate, collaborate, support and compete with you on your passion. What connects the tribe is a common desire for the passion they feel compelled or born to do.  This has me asking questions – where is my tribe? Is this why or what I have been travelling the world looking for?

Bob Dylan found his tribe one afternoon listening to Woody Guthrie. His poetic, rough and rhythmic sound made his head spin and Dylan’s style of folk music was born. Likewise Billy Connolly also had a epiphany while watching Chick Murray on TV.

Others while knowing their passion have to move major obstacles to find their tribe. Obstacles come in many forms from physical, location, social, cultural, personal and family pressure. Paul Coelho, well known author, was sadly placed in a mental institution for his own good when trying to pursue his passion of writing. Arianna Stasinopoulos born of a Greek isle knew she needed to get to Cambridge University, there she became the first president of the Cambridge Union debating society. Arianna Huffington as she is now known is one of the worlds most respected political media brands on the web.

Fear is the most common obstacle to finding your element” Ken Robinson.

Fear is a huge obstacle for everyone. What if it all falls apart, what if I can’t make it! I am trying not think about fear, I believe that the universe has a strange way of helping us find the way. I hope this is the case.

For the time being I know that I have a passion for conservation, education and writing, so I am going to start doing some research on some groups that can help me connect with my tribe or tribes.

After all when tribes collaborate they can motivate change by challenging each other to inspire greatness, but while the tribe is important we must always retain a sense of self and individualism.

As some of these examples show finding your passion may come at a price. What price are you willing to pay?

My journey continues on to determine my element and therefore my passion !