As most of you are aware I am having a career break, mid-life crisis, “finding myself”, call it what you will…but it is definitely a 6 months time out session.

I have generally worked very hard all my life and given 100% effort to everything I do, but I have always felt like there is something more or something else I should be doing with my life.

Everyone is talented and has a passion but unfortunately lack of finances causes us to move away from our passion and desires to support the general cost of living. I am lucky enough to be a supersaver so have been able to take time out and still cover the bills.

This adventure is about finding out what I am good at (if anything) and seeing if I can turn that into a viable business opportunity for the coming future. One of my kind friends, Thomas Cros bought me a book entitled “The Element: How Finding your passion changes everything” by Ken Robinson as a leaving present.

When people are in their element, they connect with something fundamental in their sense of identity , purpose and well being.” Ken Robinson.

This is definitely the book for me right now, here I am half way through my trip in South Africa and without the foggiest clue about what to do in the future. I haven’t even finished the book yet and I am discovering that if we look at it from the right perspective finding our purpose should be within easy reach.

The element has only 2 main features:

  1. Aptitude and Passion
  2. Attitude and Opportunity

Or most simply – “I get it, I love it, I want it, where is it?” So I thought I would use this opportunity to analyse, I get it.

Just what am I good at? Not just good at but it comes to me easily? I have just complete a mini survey with my housemates, this is what they came up with.

  • Swimming – natural swimming ability, love being in the water.
  • Talking – normally rubbish but many a politician has gotten away with that one
  • Training concepts and outlines (this is what I have been doing this week)
  • “Your brain is wired differently” – this is not the first time I have heard this from my friends and colleagues but they do say this in a positive way. I would class this as logic and problem solving
  • Organisational skills. I love to be organised, lists, lists and more lists

One of the problems with determining what you have a natural aptitude for, is that it is, just that; natural.  So we tend not to even notice that we are good at the task or situation, it is just a core fabric part of who we are.

We do not need to be the most intelligent person on the planet to be successful or to have a sense of identity, purpose and well being. There are many forms of intelligence. IQ, emotional, analytical, practical, creative and I am sure that there are others.

So use your friends to help you if you have not yet found your passion and identify what you have a natural ability at. Good luck.

My journey continues on to determine my aptitude and then my passion !