I think it is all in the power of the brew!


As many of you will know I like a cup of coffee in the morning, well actually several. Now getting a drink is a very social occasion for me and it is important to include as many people as possible in this ritual. It is a time to catch up with friends and build relationships, a bit of bonding time really. I miss my daily coffee runs with Steph, Steve and Chris – hope you guys are fine.

Making a cup of coffee or tea for someone is like offering a piece of yourself in a cup. “Here is a bit of my love in a cup”, “welcome into my world”.  Think of that aroma that hits you as your nose hovers over the cup with a “good morning”.  I am so convinced of the power of the brew bonding I have been working hard to introduce this into my volunteering office.

Every morning and afternoon I offer up a brew – “would anyone like a coffee or tea?”. Some days I get takers others not. I can see there is more work to be done but I am amazingly patient and I am sure that all beverage takers will come on board before I depart this wonderful land.  In fact while writing this article I was even offered a beverage- see it is working!

Is there such a thing as the social power of the brew?  Drinking beverages like tea and coffee have been a large part of socializing throughout the centuries so there must be something in it.

In 1660 tea was first imported into the UK by the Catherine the wife of King Charles II who introduced the beverage as a social occasion for the ladies at court.

Despite a certain country’s belief that Starbucks is the first coffee brand to branch out in the world. Coffee shops first started to appear on the social scene around 1645. The first is believed to be in Venice and was approved by Pope Clement III. In Oxford Street, London there is the Queen Lane Coffee House which still operates today which was established in 1654.

I had a look at some stats there are some serious social beverage consumers out there.

Coffee Stats

Turkish tea is amazing and they are certainly very social with the beverages.  Every sales call I ever attended in Turkey I was offered the Turkish Rize Tea. If you haven’t tried it you must.

Turkish Rize Tea – 7.54 KG per capita consumed

So I think that it is clear, there is social power in the creating or making and drinking of a beverage.  It is a time for bonding, communication and friendship.

For now I will continue on my journey of providing a little bit of love in a cup to all that I meet and recommend that you do the same.

Now I need to educate the office that Ricoffy is NOT coffee and under no circumstances should the 2 words get confused. It is a sub, sub species and really should be helped to become extinct. Sorry Nestle.

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