Had an eventful few days. There is only one word that keeps appearing (or not) in my life…Mosquitoes.

I came home from work on Monday to find a few of the little buggers floating above my bed, one even had the audacity to be resting its weary head on my pillow! Armed with one of my many many cans of insect repellent I went wild shooting the venom they hate left, right and centre. They dispersed in a flash – round 1 Stretton.

Since then the war has been savage, bedding, body, head and woolly hat is sprayed on a regular basis during the night. So far I feel that I am winning the war, they have bitten my face during the night despite me cuddling the can of jungle formula – Now you know why this item was on the essential packing list!

Tuesday we set off on a 9 km hike to the Salt River to check the fisherman pots, these are pots to put waste in, fishing lines, bait etc. Was tough uphill climb but the views are amazing. We also spent time collecting shark egg casings, shells and corals for the kids to decorate on one of their projects. Picture above is the salt river.

Unfortunately our Adopt a River session with the school kids was postsponed by the headmaster, so this will be rescheduled at some point in the future. It gave me some time to plan what I can do for a project,  Am toying with something on rock pools, when the tide is low I can jump in with the go pro and take pics of the marine life in the pool. Sounds a perfect project for me! Any better ideas let me know.

Fact of the day: Limpet teeth are made of the hardest natural substance in the world, 5 time stronger than the strength of a spiders web.

Today was the day of being unable to trace anything. We received a report that there was an injured penguin on the beach, so Brittany and I strolled the beach to rescue the penguin but was unable to locate, so I hope they managed to swim away safely.

We then set off on the search for Mosquitofish…can you believe it? As if I needed to be any closer to anything with the word mosquito in it!

We searched 12 sites, a few by land and several by kayak in the lagoon. Gopro at the ready to capture the scene. Not one fish to be found in any of the sites. It was a huge disappointment, especially once I discovered they were brought here from Mexico to eat mosquitoes!

I wanted to set one up in a bowl in my room then the war really would be won!

In order to not miss an opportunity, my new ally the Mosquitofish!
In order to not miss an opportunity, my new ally the Mosquitofish!