I am slowly but surely getting the hang of all the blogging terminology it is like a whole new world. I now understand that new employee feeling when the barge of jargon flies over their heads. Logistics definitely could be top of pile for acronyms. Awb, sl, uld – see only 1 week out and I still have a functioning brain.

So far I have re-organised my website page, added widgets, organised footers, and set a menu. Maybe they are not new words but the context certainly is. Do you have a Gravatar?  I do, although still not 100% what for or what it does, I have generated a twitter widget link and managed to link to the webpage.  Phew, has been a busy few days.

Feel free to send me any constructive feedback and recommendations. I have installed a section called Readers Corner in order to review books – well it is one of my many passions after all. First book is Wild by Cheryl Strayed which I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend with many stars if I knew how to add them on the site. It indeed aided the lets “relax” environment.

Next thing to master is links and media – watch this space !  Now that I have my Go Pro all charged, I do believe that I should be able to upload videos onto the site, so watch out for the whales and sharks coming your way. The Go Pro’s first adventure outing will be on the Glyme Valley Way which is a 15 mile hike from Chipping Norton to  Woodstock on Sunday. So no sharks on that trip. Am praying for no rain so I can get some good footage.

This seems to be the week of getting organised – blog, finances, travel attire – all checked off.  I have discovered that working is in fact actually bad for you.  I have lost 1.4 kg in just getting off my butt and not sitting for 8 hours at a desk plus a 3 hour drive.  I recommend the life of an unemployed grifter.

That said I don’t know where the day is actually going, it is absolutely full.  Only 1 week left to go, looks like I will be leaving my bro a checklist of things to do around the house while he is house sitting.  Well after all….I just have far too much relaxing to do !!