It’s here….the sunshine, the heat and Britian is a buzz with activity the tennis Come on Murray ! The British Grand Prix – lets do it again Lewis, Hampton Court Flower show, festivals and the men with their enormous bellies hanging over their shorts for the world to see. Not sure what possess them to do this, but it does appear to be the signal that barbies and sitting outside is a must.

Had a great session of cricket with Benjamin, I lost of course but you can never trump a 10 year old and I needed a good run around after a 3 hour journey just to get to Rachel’s house. 5 hour closure on the M25 caused absolute chaos on all roads going south.  Hope the accident wasn’t too severe.

Claire has finally been released from hospital, minus 15 kilo cyst and she already looks amazing. Brave lady.

My bathroom is being installed, so hopefully by the time I get home tonight there is some form of washing facilities. I can’t wait to see how it is progressing. ….okay no facilities there I obviously wasn’t being realistic at all.

Caught up with the ladies in Chippy Lippy networking group. Great session with Annette Rainbow who just knows everything about fixing the body. Got some great tips for Mosquitoes. For repellent use Tea Tree oil, if you get bitten the cure to take away the itching and swelling is Juniper Berry oil.

Will definitely be in contact with Elizabeth at Neals Yard Remedies for some of this survival juice before I go to South Africa. Seems that resigning and not knowing what you are doing is the order of the day. There are 4 of us that sit in that not so exclusive club. Exciting to see that people are willing to challenge themselves in the way for a better and more interesting life style.

So wishing good luck to the ladies for their new adventures. One thing that was really highlighted tonight was just how tough it is out there and how the support of a network can be really crucial to your survival no matter how big or small your business may be…nothing can be achieved by doing it alone.

This is my lesson for this week and something I need to really consider in my business plan for the future. Nothing in life that is worth having comes easily…does it Andy Murray !