don’t think I have really got the hang of this blog lark!!!

If I am really going to start to document my up and coming adventure I really need to get in some much needed practice at what to write and when. So it has been several weeks since my last post so here is a strets30uktravel top ten catchup so I can get back on track.

1. Got weirded out by a book in Oxfam for magicians to raise Death from the underworld to have a chat….someone donated this! Who are they?

2. Had a great visit from an old friend from Amsterdam, Mieke. good ole catch up. Loved our back to the blues night!

3. Had whole series of jabs for the trip; Typhoid, Diptheria, Tetnus, Polio and spent a whopping £150 on a set of Rabies jabs. 2 down 1 more to go. Felt a bit woooof for days.

4.One of my besties had a heart-attack and kept in hospital. Thankfully is alright, stressful nether the less, further tests are needed, to work out what is going on. X

5. It was the anniversary for Rooney, emotional week. 12 months have gone so quickly, but he is running in the fields with a big smile on his face and wagging his tail. X

6. Another bestie had MRI and pre op for removing a cyst in her tummy, op to come next week. Big hugs and positive thoughts. X

7. My replacement for Europe at work has been identified, not too much to say about that except glad I was the one having to make any decisions for a change. Middle East still to be confirmed.

8. Bit of a session with Andy at the local, extending my network of locals in Chipping Norton.

9. I have been a whizz with a karcher pressure washer and finished cleaned the decking, painted the fence and the shed – whew! At this rate I may run out of things to do in my “retirement” but I very much doubt it.

10. Lastly the very sad news that my friends Mum passed away in the night. It was a shock for us all. RIP Denise and love to all the boys and family dealing with this tragic news.

If there is anything to be learnt from the last few weeks. Time really is precious, live life to the full.